How to Keep your Nerf Longstrike from Jamming

Nerf specialises in a wide array guns that fire foam darts, including the Longstrike. The gun comes with a top-mount scope, a bipod and a clip that holds Nerf darts. Occasionally, the darts can get jammed.

Find the bolt mechanism, which sits on the side of the blaster, above and in front of the trigger and pull it back. If you cannot move the bolt, fire the blaster once and then pull it back.

Pull the clip out by pulling it down.

Pop open the jam clearing hatch on the side, near the cartridge chamber 1. It will flip up. Remove the jammed dart, close the latch and insert another cartridge.

Be sure to load the darts into the cartridge in the direction of the small arrows on the outer lip of the cartridge. Loading the darts properly will prevent jams.

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