How to Get a Kite out of a Tree

How to Get a Kite out of a Tree. Kite flying is rite of childhood and everyone has memories of windy days in the park with parents shouting gleefully as the colorful kites go higher and higher. But kites also get stuck in trees and you have to get them down.

Evaluate the tree and the surrounding area where your kite is stuck. If there are any power lines nearby or touching the tree, call your local power company to have the kite removed safely.

Get another person with a kite to help you. Have them put a loop in their kite string and thread your kite string through that loop. Slowly fly their kite. When it gets high enough, gently tug the string of the kite stuck in the tree, it will rise along with the rescue kite. You can then reel the two kites into safety.

Use tree trimmers to remove a kite from tree branches by gently extending it and lifting the kite free. Be careful not to cut the strings or tear the kite materials during removal. This is an excellent way to remove a kite from tree branches that are not too high in the tree.

Borrow or rent a device called a cherry picker. This is a machine that has a bucket that can be extended to lift you up to the height of the kite so you can easily remove it from the tree. Local utility companies, landscape companies and tree trimming companies will have such machinery. You may also be able to rent them from a local rental supply store. However, it is costly and the kite may not be worth the expense.


Never attempt to remove a kite from a tree that is near power lines.