How to Fold a Pack 'N' Play

The Graco company makes multiple types of products for babies, including the Pack 'N' Play system. This system can serve as a portable crib, play area and changing station for a baby. You can fold a Pack 'N' Play relatively easily, which makes it suitable for carrying with you on trips or outings with your little one.

Lift the mattress out of the Pack 'N' Play and fold it along its creases.

Pull the red loop at the bottom, center part of the Pack 'N' Play's floor. Lift the loop until the bottoms of the legs begin to fold inward.

Press the button on the center of each of the long sides' top rails.

Lift the long sides as you hold the buttons down. Lift only about an inch and then push the sides down. They will fold in the middle.

Repeat steps three and four for the short sides.

Bring the legs together and slide the Pack 'N' Play into its carrying bag. Slide the folded mattress into the bag as well.