Evenflo 3 in 1 Exersaucer Triple Fun Instructions

Babies grow so quickly and their capabilities are constantly changing. The Evenflo 3-in-1 Exersaucer Triple Fun offers fun for babies from birth to 2 years 12. A 3-month-old baby can enjoy watching the colorful toys move on the exersaucer while an older baby can spend time exploring the different toys to see, hear, touch and manipulate.

Play Mat for Ages Birth to 4 Months

Lay the play mat flat on the floor.

Place the lily-pad-shaped feet onto either side of the play mat. These feet should be perfectly parallel to each other.

Snap the toy bar into the feet. Make sure the toy bar is securely in place prior to placing the baby underneath.

Exersaucer for Ages 4 Months Until Walking

Snap rectangular stabilizer feet into base bottom. Install small springs into pedestals, using a screwdriver. Do not over-tighten the screws. Snap each pedestal into the base by lining up the locking tab with a slot. Hook the other end of the small spring to the base hook. Snap the final locking tab into place. Ensure all locking tabs are visible from the bottom and twist each pedestal to ensure it springs back.

Assemble the legs. Screw the fronts and backs of each lower leg piece together. Snap these legs into the pedestals attached to the base.

On the bottom of each tray half, place the large spring, then the upper leg crown and pylon in each leg hole. Secure the four screws in the pylon. Hold tightly to keep the spring from uncoiling. Snap the upper leg into place over the pylon, pulling to ensure each leg is secure. Be sure to keep the adjustment slots facing the outside of the tray.

Assemble the tray. Place 1¾-inch springs into the leg locks. Install the leg locks by placing one end on the pylon and the other on the tray edge. Pull the leg lock back, then allow the spring to pull the leg lock toward the pylon, into the hole on the pylon. Use a screw and washer to secure the leg lock to the tray. Place the seat lock into the slots, securing it with two screws and washers. Snap both halves of the tray together and snap end caps to the bottom for storage.

Snap the six wheels in the grooves on the bottom of the seat ring. Turn the seat ring right side up. Align the triangle at the seat ring back with the diamond on the seat pad. Snap the seat's plastic tabs over the seat ring tabs. Snap the seat ring into place in the tray, ensuring the seat spins freely.

Combine the base and tray assemblies. Align each upper leg with a lower leg. Pull out the finger tab and insert the upper leg into the lower leg assembly. The height can be adjusted by pulling out the finger tabs and moving the upper assembly up or down, locking it at the desired height.

Assemble the toys. Some of the toys will snap into slots on the tray. Others sit in indentations on the tray's surface. The toy bar from the play mat can also be snapped into the tray. Insert batteries into toys that require them.

Activity Table for Walking Age to 2 Years

Remove the toys and the seat from the Exersaucer. Fold the Exersaucer by twisting each leg and pushing in the pedal tab. Keep tabs from locking into place while folding. Push each leg off the pedestal assemblies.

Remove the end caps from beneath the tray to expose the tray joints. Squeeze the locking tabs to separate the two tray halves. Reposition them in an 'S' shape and reconnect.

Rotate the leg assemblies counterclockwise until they lock into place. The legs should stick out from the sides of the tray.

Install the end caps onto the tray's exposed ends so pieces don't break off and hurt your child.

Reinstall all of the toys onto the tray. These toys will be located in the same places they were in on the Exersaucer.