Chicco Travel System Instructions

Travel systems were intended to make travelling with a baby or toddler easy, but without the right knowledge it can become very frustrating and time consuming. Knowing how to use the Chicco travel system will make your life much smoother and enjoyable 1. The travel system was designed to allow the parent to take the infant car seat and effortlessly place it in the stroller. This is especially convenient when the baby is sleeping so he isn't disturbed.

Locate the Key Buttons

The Chicco travel system has made it easy to locate the key buttons by colour coding them 1. Every essential key button to make the travel system work effectively is orange. To loosen the straps on the infant car seat, you press the orange button located between your baby's feet. To tighten the straps you simply pull on the excess strap directly below the orange button that loosens them. If using the base system with the infant car seat, you will have to press the large orange button on the very top of the car seat to lift it out. The same button will need to be pushed to unlatch the car seat from the stroller.

Learn How to Fold the Stroller

The stroller is designed to be functional and compact when folded correctly. There is an orange button on the top of the stroller by the handle. By pressing the button and lifting upward, you will release the stroller from its locked position, and it will fold as you continue to lift up. Once the stroller is folded it automatically locks into place and will not open until the same button is pressed and the lever is lifted. This feature makes it easy to operate and store.

Find the Minor Detail Features

To lock the wheels press down on the lever on the back end of the wheels with your foot until it locks into place. To unlock the wheels place your foot underneath the lever and push up. To lean the baby backward in the stroller, reach with your hand for a lever on the back side of the stroller. By lifting up the back of the stroller it will slowly recline. To return the back of the seat upright, simply push the seat back forward. Lastly, the handles on the top of the stroller can be moved by pressing both buttons simultaneously on either side where the handles meet the body of the stroller.