How to Change the Wheel on a Chicco Cortina Stroller

Your child’s stroller will likely take a lot of abuse in the years she uses it. Folding and unfolding the stroller and going over rough surfaces all contribute to the wear and tear of a stroller. The Chicco Cortina is designed to fit a baby from the newborn stage to preschool age. If you need to replace the stroller’s wheels during this time, doing so correctly can prevent future injury and frustration.

Unfolding the Stroller

Pull up on the handle, located in the center of the parents’ cup tray.

Listen for a click to indicate that the stroller is completely unfolded.

Check that the stroller is completely unfolded by pressing on the seat to see if it folds at all. A stroller that is completely unfolded will be able to handle pressure placed on the seat.

Installing Front Wheels

Place the stroller on its back so that the back of the seat is on the ground and the front wheels are facing up. This will make installation easier.

Snap the front wheel on to one of the front Cortina legs. You will hear a snap. The leg has a ridge at the bottom to hold the wheel in place.

Repeat installation with the second front wheel.

Installing Rear Wheels

Attach the rear axle to the back of the stroller. The axle is a long bar with plastic attachments on both sides. The plastic attachments will snap to the area under the stroller’s seat, where the rear wheels go.

Put the rear wheel on one of the rear axle’s sides. The wheel should slide on to one of the axle’s sides. Put the washer piece on the outside center of the wheel.

Push the straight pin’s straight side through the axle hole that is sticking out from the center of the rear wheel. The curved part of the straight pin should wrap around the axle piece. If you cannot find the axle hole to slide the straight pin through, remove the wheel and try to slide the rear wheel on to the axle again until the axle piece pokes out of the center of the wheel.

Snap the hubcap piece over the center of the rear wheel.

Attach the other rear wheel. Remove old rear wheels by reversing the process.


If your stroller wheel squeaks, use an oil such as WD-40 or sewing machine oil on the axle mechanism.


Never place more than ten pounds on to the parents’ try. Excessive weight can harm your wheels.