Bugaboo Frog Instructions

The Bugaboo Frog is a top-of-the-line stroller known for its safety, durability and style. The Bugaboo Frog also gives parents a fashion-forward stroller. Still, its safety and security relies upon proper assembly prior to use.

Chassis Instructions

Review the picture of the Bugaboo Frog chassis set-up. Place the plastic parts of the chassis on the floor. Slide the swiveling wheel blocker upward and push the swivel hubs into the sockets as shown on the directions. You will hear a click when they lock into place. Push the large wheels with pneumatic tires into the sockets. You must hear each wheel click to know it is locked into place.

To unfold the chassis, begin by unlocking the handlebar by pulling the two release knobs toward you. Lift the handlebar until you hear a click on each side. Put your foot on the Bugaboo Frog crossbar between the swivel hubs and push away from you. The wheels will now all be on the floor.

Preparing the Bassinet

The Bugaboo Frog bassinet is a freestanding piece that can be used without the stroller frame. This lets you easily move your child from place to place without the hassle of switching from stroller to carrier and back.

The bassinet liner is composed of a mattress and apron. First fit the liner into the bassinet frame, straightening it out so it matches up with each end. For example, make sure the round side of the bottom plate of the bassinet liner corresponds to the round side of the bassinet frame.

Bassinet Attachments

The Bugaboo Frog offers a wide array of attachments for you and your child's comfort.

To attach the sun canopy that comes with the Bugaboo Frog, insert the two clips into place in the appropriate holes on the outside of the bassinet. You will hear these click into place. The canopy's flexible yet stiff fabric will shield your child from the sun.

To use the Bugaboo Frog as a carrier instead of a stroller, attach the carry handle. Depress the square buttons on the side, and slide the handle into the slots until you hear a click on each side.