How to Install a Baby Swing to A House Eave

How to Install a Baby Swing to A House Eave. A baby swing is one of the easiest ways to get your little one outside during the summer without having to search out a park. Toddler swings are now more affordable than ever and with our easy steps you too can soon have a swing of your own at home.

Buy the baby swing and extra things needed (see things list) at your local department or toy store.

Find the eave on your house that would be stable enough for baby to swing from. Decide which direction baby is going to swing. Make sure there is nothing that will hinder the flow of the swing, such as tree braches.

Mark where the two holes will be drilled for the porch swing hooks. Make sure that the width matches the swing so that it will swing straight. Use a bit that is at least 1/8" smaller than the size of the thread on the hooks. Drill the two holes that you marked.

Screw porch swing hooks into holes to an even depth; make sure that the hooks are strong. Hang on them or test them in some way to ensure that they are not going to fall out.

Hang an even length of chain on each hook and test the chains with weight as well. Attach the hooks on the swing ropes to the chain and do a final weight test to ensure that the swing is safe.

Put baby in and swing slowly at first to make sure that the swing goes straight. If it goes crooked, take baby out and re-adjust.

Things You Will Need

  • Baby swing
  • Porch swing hooks (2)
  • Drill
  • Metal link chain


Always fasten the safety belt when the child is in the swing to ensure that the child will not fall out. Always follow the recommended weight limit of the swing.


Never leave baby unattended in the swing. Never allow older children to climb on or play on the swing as it may compromise the integrity of the installation and hooks.