How to Assemble Eddie Bauer Strollers

Strollers can make your life much easier if you're a parent of small children. When your child is tired, he can ride in a stroller instead of walking or being carried, while you stroll along enjoying the view instead of keeping track of constantly running children. While Eddie Bauer started off as a sporting goods store and supplier to the US Army, they have branched out into clothing and accessories such as high-quality strollers. Assembly of an Eddie Bauer stroller requires no specialized equipment.

Remove the stroller frame from the packaging. This is the largest unit in the box, and will come out folded up. To unfold it, first place the frame on the ground. Pull down and back on the handle located on the top to unfold the rest of the frame.

Push the axle assembly onto the bottom of the frame, in the rear. There are two bars in this location the same size as the axle assembly. Buttons on either side will snap into place when it is locked into position.

Remove the packing and copper pins from the axle. Push one of the washers onto the axle, push one of the single wheels onto the axle after the washer. Push another washer onto the axle after the wheel, followed by the copper pin, followed by the plastic hubcap. Repeat this process for the rear wheels.

Unpack the two sets of double wheels. Push these wheel assemblies onto the frame tubes located at the front of the frame. These will click into position.

Unpack the seat. Line the seat up with the front of the frame. Place the seat on the frame so that the sockets on the sides of the seat click into the corresponding brackets on the frame.

Unpack the canopy. Line the canopy up with the seat so that the canopy tabs can slide into the sockets on the side of the seat. The rear canopy has a hinge bracket on each side which must be snapped into place on the frame, below the armrests on the seat rear. If you have a double stroller, the rear canopy is already attached.

Unpack the parent tray. Align the tray with the pins located just below the handle, then swing the tray down to snap it into place.

Unpack the seat tray. Push this onto the holes located on either side of the seat until it locks into place. On a double stroller, repeat this for the rear seat tray.