Activities Children Can Do With Their Feet

Learning doesn’t have to be boring and it definitely doesn’t have to require a child to sit still. Get those feet up and moving with some entertaining, kid-friendly activities 13. As with any children’s activity, it might get a bit messy or silly, so be prepared.

Sensory Activities

Sensory activities are not only fun for your child, they aid brain development as she experiences new sensations. Fill small buckets full of different substances, including rice, dried beans, mud, dry sand, sponge shapes, mashed potatoes, bubble foam or whipped cream. Let her sink her feet into each substance, squishing and moving her feet around. Have a bucket of warm water and a towel handy to wash and dry her feet between each sensory station.

Art Activities

Encourage those wiggly piggies to show their artistic side. Throw down an old sheet and pour some tempera paint into some clean pie pans. Instruct your kiddo to step in the paint and then dance around the sheet to make foot prints. You could also sit down with your child and paint the bottom of her feet. Then press the feet onto some paper to get a painted footprint. Traced and cut out foot shapes can be transformed into reindeer, ghosts or silly faces, depending on the theme or holiday you choose.

Music Activities

Get moving and grooving with some music and feet activities 1. Let your child stomp along with the beat of some music. Have her sit on the floor next to you and show her how to clap the soles of her feet together to make sounds 3. Attach an anklet with jingle bells attached to it. Encourage your little one to jump around to make noise with the bells.

Math Activities

Feet aren’t just for walking -- they can be a lesson in math, too. Your child can compare her foot size to other feet or other household objects. She can measure the distance in her feet from one point to another, such as 12 steps from the refrigerator to the table. Give her a cloth measuring tape and let her measure the length and width of every family member’s feet, as well as her own. If she can’t quite reach it properly, trace her foot and let her measure the outline.