How to Feel Safe at Home When You're a Single Woman

As a single woman living alone, you may be concerned about your safety. Creating a secure environment in your home so that you feel safe and peaceful when you are there is not as difficult as it may seem. There are many practical solutions you can put in place to maintain your independent living and protect yourself from potential dangers.

Safety Inside

Security inside your home is essential to your safety as a single woman living alone. Keep your doors locked at all times and your curtains or shades drawn. Set lights on timers when you are out at night and consider a home security system, suggests the article "Personal Safety & Security Tips for Women Living Alone" on the 4 Points Security website. Make sure the locks on your doors and windows work properly and re-key locks if moving into a new home, notes the San Diego Police Department 1.

Safety Outside

Take security measures around the perimeter of your home. If you have a yard, trimmed shrubbery and outside lighting make it difficult for someone to hide, says 4 Points Security. Consider getting a dog for protection or leaving a man's pair of boots outside on the stoop to make it seem as though you do not live alone. Fence in your yard and keep the gate securely locked at all times. Trim trees so they do not provide access to your roof, do not use your name on your mailbox and make sure your house number is clearly visible to police and other emergency workers, recommends the San Diego Police Department 1.

Make Safe Choices

Pay attention to your surroundings and carefully plan your daily activities. Avoid daily or weekly patterns when leaving and returning from work, going on errands or exercising. Check in with a family member or friend at a designated time each day, refrain from announcing that you are leaving town on social media websites, do not park your car in dark, poorly lit places and report suspicious activity to security guards or police, advises 4 Points Security. Wise up to common tricks used by burglars, such as posing as hired workers to gain access to your home or looking for easy access through open windows, says the San Diego Police Department 1.

Know Your Neighborhood

Being aware of the surroundings in your neighborhood can also improve your personal security. Get to know your neighbors and make friends with them so you can look out for each other, recommends 4 Points Security. Familiarize yourself with the layout of buildings and landscape. Identify and avoid areas that can be dark and empty at certain hours. If you exercise outdoors, consider working out with a partner, alternating your routine, leaving the headphones at home and carrying defense spray, suggests the article "6 Running Safety Tips" on 2.