How to Pull Up the Back Zipper on a Dress

When you're getting ready for a meeting, job interview or important date, you don't have time to struggle with your dress. Some dresses, unfortunately, have a zipper on the back that can make getting ready a frustrating endeavor. If you aren't quite flexible enough to reach behind you and pull up the zipper, you don't need to give up and put on a different outfit. With the help of some common household items, you can find a creative way to zip that zipper by yourself.

Cut a piece of string or thin ribbon approximately 3 feet long.

Slide one end of the string through the hole on the end of a safety pin. Tie a double knot in the string.

Open the safety pin, then push the pointed end of the pin through the small hole on the zipper. Put the dress on 2.

Reach around to your back and grasp the string. Gently pull up on the string. As you do this, the zipper will pull up as well.

Detach the safety pin from the zipper carefully.


If you don't have a safety pin available, a paper clip will work instead.

Another option is to unbend a metal coat hanger and slide one end of the hanger through the zipper hole. Put the dress on, then grab the other end of the hanger and use it to pull up the zipper.

If your dress fits fairly loosely, put the dress on backwards so the zipper is in front of you, pull up the zipper, then turn the dress back around.

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