How to Wear a Nojo, the Original Baby Sling

A Nojo sling can help you "wear" your baby easily and comfortably 2. Carrying your baby in a sling is a good way to keep your baby close to you and keep your hands free, and a Nojo sling is especially lightweight and simple to use. Your baby will be soothed by your warmth and heartbeat, and as your baby grows, you can change his position in the sling so that he can see more of the world. Fussy babies often calm down quickly when worn in a sling.

Putting on Your Nojo Sling

Slip the Nojo sling over your head and dominant arm. The sling's rings and strap should rest in front of your nondominant shoulder, in the place where you would wear a corsage.

Adjust the sling so that it forms a pocket or pouch in front.

Check to make sure the sling is not twisted or bunched up, especially over your shoulder or behind your back. It should wrap smoothly around your body.

Carrying a Newborn

Make sure the Nojo sling is on properly and forms a pocket or pouch in front of you.

Place baby up against your dominant shoulder as if you were burping her.

Pull the front edge of the sling away from you with your nondominant hand.

Slide the baby down into the sling "pocket." Her legs should be bent, with feet at same height as her bottom (or higher).

Bounce slightly and adjust the sling and the baby so that the baby is comfortable. Tighten the Nojo sling, if necessary, by pulling on the free end or tail.

Carrying an Older Baby

Make sure the Nojo sling is on properly and forms a pocket or pouch in front of you.

Hold your baby sideways in front of you, with your nondominant hand supporting his back and your dominant hand supporting his bottom. The baby's feet should be up in front of the baby, as if he's going to sit cross-legged.

Pull the front edge of the Nojo away from your body.

Slip baby gently into sling. Bounce slightly and adjust baby or sling as necessary so that the baby is comfortable. The baby should be almost in a sitting-up position.


The first few times you put your baby into the Nojo sling, practice over a bed or other soft surface.

While carrying your baby in the sling, periodically check on her to make sure she can breathe.

Begin to walk or move as soon as possible after putting your baby into the Nojo sling. Some babies do not like being put in the sling if the wearer then stands still.

Practice putting your baby into the sling when she is happy and comfortable.


Do not run, jog, drive, operate power tools or ride a bike while wearing the baby in the Nojo sling. Doing so can cause serious injury or death to the baby.

Do not cook or grill food while wearing the baby in the Nojo sling, in order to prevent burns.

Always make sure the sling fabric goes under your baby and is between your baby and your body, so your baby does not slip out.

Do not hang the sling from any hook or doorknob while the baby is in the sling.

Make sure the baby's chin is not resting on his chest and that his breathing does not sound obstructed in any way. If it does, adjust the baby or place a small, rolled-up blanket under his back to keep the baby's airway open.

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