How to Install a Rear Facing Car Seat in a Lexus RX

Installing your baby’s rear-facing car seat into the Lexus RX crossover SUV is similar to other rear-facing installs 13. Because the RX has LATCH anchors and ample room in the backseat, most car seats should fit safely and easily in the seat. Check your car seat’s manual to make sure you’re installing it per its manufacturer's instructions to prevent injury or death 13.

Installing an Infant Car Seat with LATCH

Locate the LATCH anchors on either window seat in the backseat of your Lexus RX. Vehicles manufactured after 2002 all have LATCH, so your RX will have it, too.

Place the base on the seat. Make sure that it’s level. Many bases come with level indicators on the side of the base. Look at your indicator to determine if your seat is appropriately level. The RX has 36.8 inches of legroom in the back seats, so this should be enough for your seat to remain level; however, if your seat is bulkier, you can move the front seats up a bit as needed.

Locate the LATCH attachments. These are black belts with hooks at the end.

Clip the LATCH hook farthest from you into its corresponding LATCH anchor.

Clip the other LATCH hook into its corresponding LATCH anchor.

Tighten the straps. Use your body weight to push down on the base to make sure you tighten any slack.

Place the car seat onto the base. You should hear a click.

Installing an Infant Car Seat with a Seat Belt

Place the base on one of the back seats. See Section 1, Step 2 for instructions on making sure your base is level.

Thread your lap and shoulder belt through the base’s belt path and plug the latch plate into the buckle.

Push down on the base while pulling on the seat belt to make sure the base is secure.

Put the car seat on the base.


If your Lexus RX model has leather seats, you can place a plastic perforated sheet, similar to what you might line your cupboards with, to prevent the seat from sliding.

Many people use the infant car seat systems with bases for the first year of a child’s life or until he reaches the maximum weight. You can also simply purchase a convertible car seat that you can turn around when your child is old enough. Many of these seats can fit babies as small as 5 lb. says that rear-facing infant car seats should be at a 45-degree angle.

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