How Long Are Britax Roundabout Car Seats Good For?

Britax Roundabout car seats offer many features that make them attractive choices for new parents. They are convertible, which means they can be used in a rear- or front-facing position. These car seats are also certified for air travel and come with a reversible tether.

Rear Facing

As of October 2010, Britax offers two models of Roundabout car seats. The Roundabout 50 Classic can be used in a rear-facing position with babies who are between 5 and 35 lbs., under 49 inches tall, and have a seated shoulder height of between 10.75 and 16.25 inches. The Roundabout 55 can be used with a heavier baby of between 5 and 40 lbs. The baby must be under 46 inches in height, with a seated shoulder height of between 9 and 15.75 inches.

Forward Facing

Toddlers who are at least one year old and weigh at least 20 lbs. can be turned around to face forward 1. They can continue using the Roundabout 50 until they are 50 lbs. or 49 inches tall, with a seated shoulder height of between 12.25 and 16.25 inches. Again, the Roundabout 55 accommodates a heavier, but slightly shorter toddler. The seat is rated for toddlers up to 55 lbs. or 46 inches in height, with a seated shoulder height of between 12 and 15.75 inches.

Expiration Dates

All car seats come with expiration dates, as there can be some deterioration of the plastic parts. Britax Roundabout car seats can be used for six years from date of manufacture. You'll find the manufacture date on a sticker on the side of the car seat 1. In addition, if the car seat is an accident, it should generally be destroyed and replaced.

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