How to Attach the Back of a Graco Booster Seat

Children up to age 8 or under 4 feet, 9 inches tall should ride in a booster seat, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Booster seats provide added height to keep the seat belt snug against the child's thighs and chest at the right height. Purchase a booster seat that is comfortable and safe for your child during car travel. The Graco TurboBooster seat is available with a high back so your child can rest comfortably against a back seat that is low or without a headrest.

Attach the back pad to the booster seat if it is not already attached. The pad will wrap around the back and hook onto the metal loops on either side of the seat pad.

Lay the head support section and the back support section on a flat surface with the "wrong side" facing upward.

Locate the red height adjustment button at the top of the head section and squeeze. Press the head section downward and into the lower back section until you hear a "click" sound. Release the button and verify the two sections are secure by trying to pull them apart. If they remain in place, then they are secure.

Locate the elastic strap on the back of the booster pad 2. It will be near the right side of the booster in the center. Stretch it across the back of the booster to the other side where it will hook.

Turn the back over so it is "right side" up. Insert the flap of the padding from the head section behind the padding on the middle section. Push the back section to the edge of a table so the "U"-shaped hooks at the bottom of the back are over the edge.

Hold the seat of the booster at a vertical angle to locate the bars on the back of the seat. Interlock the "U" shaped hooks on the booster back with the bars on the booster seat 2.

Turn the seat at a 180 degree angle upward until you hear a "snap" sound. Place the seat in the upright position and gently push the back backward to ensure it is snapped into place properly.


Take the booster to a police or fire station to ensure it is installed properly.


Failure to install the booster properly could result in severe injuries for the child.

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