How to Assemble a Dropside Crib

One of the most enjoyable parts of expecting a baby is choosing the items he will need when he is born, and a crib is a fundamental need for a newborn. Parents might be confused with so many choices for cribs in the market, but for those looking for functionality, drop side cribs can be the perfect solution. These cribs have a side that easily drops when you are ready to put your baby on the crib, allowing parents to more comfortably reach for their baby.

Several brands of drop-side cribs have been recalled. If you bought yours new from a store the manufacturer would have contacted you if your drop-side crib was affected by the recall. If you bought your drop-side crib second hand or from a private party, there is a list of recalled manufacturer brands and models you can check.

Assemble the crib's mattress support. Match the holes on the mattress support arms with the holes on the inside of the mattress support. Insert the bolts for the mattress support in the holes and tighten with and an Allen wrench.

Assemble the stabilizer bars. Place one stabilizer bar in the bottom front side of the crib connecting the head board and the foot boars. Place the second stabilizer bar in the bottom back of the crib, again connecting the head board and the foot board. The front and back sides of the crib will stand on top of the stabilizer bars. Secure the stabilizer bars to the head and foot boards using bolts and an Allen wrench.

Install the mattress support on the crib. Choose the position for the mattress. Choose the highest one for a newborn. Use the lower and bottom positions if your baby is older or lower it as he grows. Connect the holes on the mattress support arms to the holes on the corners of the crib. Secure the mattress to the crib using the bolts included with your crib and an Allen wrench.

Attach the stationary side to the crib, which will go on the back of it. Make sure the side is aligned with the crib. Secure with the bolts and nuts included with your crib. Tighten the bolts on each corner of the crib.

Attach the drop side to the crib 1. Insert the knobs on the side of the front side (drop side) in the holes on the edges of the crib. Slide the front side up until it locks into place. Make sure the drop side is parallel to the floor. Insert casters on the legs of the crib and the drawer if any of these items are included.


Check your crib's instructions for specific instructions for your model.


Verify there are no missing parts, broken hardware or sharp edges before assembling the crib.

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