How to Replace Straps on a Graco Swing

Babies cry when they’re hungry or uncomfortable and parents can solve those issues for them. Sometimes, though, babies don’t know what they want. Rocking is a wonderful way to soothe a baby as it mimics the rocking motion the baby felt before birth. Parents don’t always have time to rock the baby as long as she wants. Graco makes several different model swings. For safety, every swing includes a safety strap system to prevent the baby from rolling out of the swing. Remove these straps from time to time for cleaning or replacement due to wear.

Remove the old straps. Look behind the swing's seat. The shoulder and crotch straps attach to the seat with strap tabs that fit through slits on the seat. Some Graco models also have strap tabs for the waist strap 2. These are small, 1-inch squares. Stitched 1/2 inch from the end of the strap, the tab slips lie flat against the back of the seat. To remove the strap, pull the tab away from the seat and push the tab with the strap through the hole in the seat. Repeat for all the strap tabs on the back of the seat.

Remove the waist strap. Pull the end of the strap from the waist buckle on one side. Slip the waist strap through the holes on the side of the seat. Pull the strap through the loop on the back of the swing. Remove the buckle from the other side of the waist strap and pull the strap free of the swing 2.

Clean the straps or purchase replacements.

Press the tab of the crotch strap through the hole in the bottom of the seat of the swing. Slip the strap through any cushion that might be in place. Slide the shoulder strap tabs through the slots in the back of the seat. Choose two slots just above the child’s shoulder as if the child is sitting in the seat. If necessary, slide a tab on each waist strap into the slot on either side of the seat at the child’s waist.

Slide a single waist strap through the loop in the back of the seat for models with a single waist strap. Slip the ends of the strap through the holes on either side of the seat at the child’s waist. There are two slots on one end of the buckle separated by a center rod. Thread the strap through the middle slot from underneath. Bring the strap over the center rod and thread the strap back through the slot on the end. Repeat for the buckle on the other side of the strap.


Be careful when sliding the shoulder straps into place. Make sure that you choose slots that are next to each other.


Never place a child in a baby swing without using the safety straps. Test the straps before placing the baby in the swing.

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