How to Remove the Top Part of a Graco Stroller for Washing

Graco recommends that you only remove the seat padding for washing on their strollers. In addition, they recommend that consumers wipe down the frame and rain cover canopy with a cloth and soapy warm water. If you decide to remove the canopy section for cleaning, you may void any manufacturer warranties that pertain to the stroller. You may also encounter difficulty in selling the stroller or trading it in for a newer model later on. Only remove the rain cover canopy if you feel comfortable with the idea of re-stitching any seam lines you break in the process of removal.

Remove the retainer screw on each end of the canopy rod where the rod connects to the side arms of the stroller seat.

Pull the Velcro tabs up on the backside of the stroller underneath the handlebars to detach the canopy from the backdrop of the stroller seat.

Pull out the fabric located underneath the base of the cup holder until you see the side trim joined with a seam line. Break the stitching where the trim meets up with the seam line on one side of the canopy.

Seam rip across the entire seam line and break the joined stitching between the seam line and the trim on the opposite side of the canopy.

Break the stitching along the seam line that is located 1 inch up from the seam you just separated toward the front of the stroller. Slide the canopy fabric off of the rod and wash it.


Never use bleach to clean the stroller.

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