How to Use a Munchkin Jelly Bean Sling

Using a sling carrier can help you to keep your baby close so you don't have to lug around a heavy infant seat. It's also useful for keeping a toddler close when his curiosity would get him into trouble otherwise. The Munchkin Jelly Bean Sling is designed to hold up to 35 pounds. You can wear the sling several different ways to create a carry that is comfortable for your child and that suits your purposes, such as holding your baby close for nursing or carrying your toddler on a hike.

Cradle Carry

The cradle carry is used for infants. When you use this carry, your baby can sleep in the sling or even nurse in it. Fold the sling in half lengthwise, then place the loop over your body so that it circles your torso. Pull one end of the sling up to rest on your shoulder and let the other end rest at your opposite hip, creating a diagonal across your body. Open the folded sling to create a pouch and rest your baby inside, with his bottom near your hip and his head near your chest. His knees should be tucked into his chest, and his body -- including his head -- should be fully supported by the sling.

Front Carry

Put on the sling just as you did for a cradle carry. This will be the starting point for any kind of carry with the sling. Hold your baby in a sitting position, with his back to your chest. Hold open one side of the sling and lower your baby into the pouch created. His legs should be crossed and his knees pulled up to his chest. Pull the fabric up to support his chest and make sure he is secure in the sling. Munchkin recommends the front carry for babies who are 3 to 6 months old.

Hip Carry

The hip carry mimics the way you carry your baby in your arm. Once the sling is on, open a pouch right at your hip. Rest your baby so that his bottom sits inside the pouch and his legs straddle your side. Pull the fabric up over his back to support him. The hip carry is appropriate for babies who are 6 months and older, and you can wear the hip carry on either hip that you prefer.

Back Carry

For the back carry, you must start by putting your baby in a hip carry. Rest your hand under his bottom to support him, then slowly shift him to your back while still straddled in the sling. His legs should rest on your sides. Adjust the sling fabric across your chest so that it is comfortable and provides more support. The back carry is appropriate for babies who are at least 5 months up to toddlers.

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