How to Store a Trampoline

How to Store a Trampoline. Trampoline owners who live in Northern regions often pack and store their trampolines during the winter months. Although disassembly is a large project, the extra care will prolong the life of the equipment.

Wash the trampoline with hot, soapy water and allow it to dry. This removes most of the insects and their larvae. You must wait until it is completely dry before you store the trampoline or it can mildew.

Buy 2 oversized plastic totes. For a standard 12-foot wide round trampoline, they each must hold a minimum of 50 gallons. If your trampoline is rectangular or wider than 12 feet, the totes must be larger. Many oversized totes come with wheels on the bottom. These are preferable, as the totes become heavy once the trampoline is inside. You can purchase one extremely large storage box instead, but consider the weight. You will not be able to move a complete trampoline setup packed in one box without assistance.

Find a home for the storage totes. This is much easier to do when they're empty. Since they will be heavy when filled, make room for them at ground level so you don't have to carry them up any stairs or grades. If possible, keep both totes in the same location.

Disassemble your trampoline. As you work, lay all pieces on the ground, sorted by type. Place all the trampoline springs in the bottom of 1 tote. Lay the framework, grouped by shape, into the totes neatly. You must "spoon" the pieces or they won't fit into 2 totes.

Spread out your padded spring collar, trampoline bed (jumping surface) and net separately in the yard. Lay several dryer sheets on each one. The dryer sheets discourage mice and insects from making a meal of your trampoline.

Roll each of the items in Step 5 into the smallest bundle possible. Rolling them keeps their mass smaller than folding. Place each item into a pillowcase and place the case into a tote. The pillowcase keeps them from becoming entangled or snagged on framework should the totes move around.

Place all ties into the gallon-sized zip seal bag and add the bag to a tote. Snap the lids on the totes. Clearly mark them "Trampoline: 1 of 2" and "Trampoline: 2 of 2."

Things You Will Need

  • Oversized plastic tote bags
  • Dryer sheets
  • Pillow cases
  • Plastic zip seal bag


Measure your longest piece. Take the measurement to the store when purchasing totes to ensure they're long enough to store your trampoline.