Instructions for the Graco Newborn Napper Pack 'n Play

Assembling your baby gear can seem like one of the hardest parts of preparing for your baby, especially when the item in question is a play yard with multiple parts and functions. However, you can assemble your Graco Pack 'n Play with Newborn Napper by following the product's instructions 1.


Check to ensure you have all the necessary parts for the Pack 'n Play with Newborn Napper. Your product should include the main body of the play yard; a diaper stacker bag; two long and two short straight metal poles; a mesh bassinet and a thin mattress; two curved metal poles, which form a rectangle when held next to one another, one of which has pegs at its corners; a fabric changing table; two very short metal tubes with buttons on their sides; an electronics module and vibration unit; a short cord; two metal poles, which form an oval when held next to one another; and the newborn napper, headrest and canopy.

Unsnap the Velcro straps holding the play yard together. Pull the legs far enough apart for you to access the side rails, but not so far that the play yard's floor lies flat. Pull sharply on the center of each side rail until you hear it snap into place, then push the center of the play yard's floor down until it lies flat. If the rails will not lock, pull the center of the play yard's floor higher, as all four rails cannot snap into place if the floor has locked first.

Locate the two snaps on the side of the play yard. Snap the corresponding buttons on the diaper stacker into those two snaps.

Insert a long metal pole into each short side of the mesh bassinet. Lower the bassinet into the play yard and snap the plastic clips on its side into place on the sides of the play yard. Insert the short metal poles into the fabric tubes at the bottom of the bassinet. Lower the thin mattress into the bassinet.

Insert one of the two metal tubes which forms half a rectangle into the fabric tube on the outside of the changing table. Because the tube is curved, you will need to guide the fabric of the changing table around the tube carefully to keep it from catching. Push the metal tube through until both ends of it are visible at the end of the fabric. Insert the other tube into the opposite side of the changing table in the same manner.

Press the button at the end of the changing table tube which has a button, then insert that tube into the adjacent tube. You will hear an audible snap as it clicks into place. Insert each of the short metal tubes into the "feet" at the bottom of the changing table, then lower the tubes into the corresponding plastic holes on the corners of the play yard. You will hear another audible snap.

Insert a screwdriver into the back of the vibrator unit to remove the lid. Insert a D battery and replace the lid. Unscrew the lid from the electronics module, insert three AAA batteries and screw its lid into place.

Place the newborn napper upside down on a flat surface. Open the vibration unit pocket at the bottom of the napper. Plug one end of the cord into the vibration unit, then place the vibration unit into the pocket. Close the pocket, leaving one end of the cord loose.

Pull the strap on the head support through the matching slot on the newborn napper until the strap is taut. Secure the strap.

Locate the snap button on the plastic end of one of the remaining tubes. Insert the tube into the fabric loop on the newborn napper as you inserted the tubes into the changing table in Step 6, plastic end first. The snap button should face downward into the napper.

Insert the final tube into the other fabric loop, putting the plastic end in first and keeping the snap button downward. The plastic end of each tube should touch the metal end of the other tube.

Place the newborn napper into the bassinet. Slide the metal ends of each tube through the fabric loops on the bassinet, then snap them into the plastic ends.

Plug the cord from the vibrator unit into the electronic module. Snap the electronics module onto side of the play yard with the light facing in toward the napper.

Lower the canopy onto the head end of the napper. Clip the canopy into place on the sides of the napper and fasten the hook and loop closures to the bottom of the napper.

Electronics Module

Press the button with wavy lines to activate the vibrator. Press once for high, twice for low and three times to deactivate. The vibrator will automatically turn off after 25 minutes.

Press the light bulb button once to turn on the top light, twice to turn on both lights, three times to turn on the bottom light and four times to turn off both lights.

Press the music note button to play music. Each time you press the button, a new song will play. The fifth time you press it, the music will turn off.

Press the bird button to play nature sounds. Each time you press the button, a new sound will play. The fifth time you press it, the sounds will turn off.

Press the volume button to increase the volume. Each time you press it, the volume will increase by one level. If you press it after the volume reaches its maximum level, the music or sounds will stop.

Press the clock button once to set the timer for 5 minutes, twice for 10 minutes and three times for 15 minutes.


Do not use any mattress in the play yard, bassinet or newborn napper other than the one that comes with the Pack 'n Play. Your baby could become trapped between a smaller mattress and the side of the play yard, bassinet or napper. Do not use the napper or bassinet when your baby exceeds 15 pounds. Do not use the changing table or bassinet when your baby exceeds 25 pounds. Do not use the play yard when your baby exceeds 35 pounds or 32 inches.

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