How to Install an Alpha Omega Elite Car Seat

Installing a car seat can be frustrating and confusing the first time around. A few simple instructions help to break down the process of installing an Alpha Omega Elite car seat in the rear-facing position with the least amount of difficulties as possible.

Make sure that the harness is properly adjusted for your child's size. (Crotch straps must be in first or second positions; the third position is for forward-facing position only.) The shoulder straps should be at or below your child's shoulders.

Pull on the red reclining handle under the front of the seat and tilt the seat back as far as it will go. A car seat in rear-facing position must be fully reclined.

Decide whether you will use that LATCH or a seat belt to secure the car seat.

Place the car seat on the vehicle seat facing backward and position it so that it is straight. Make sure the level lines on the sides of the seat back are level with the ground. If the lines are not level to the ground, you may need to add a rolled towel under the front portion of the car seat to help properly position the seat.

Thread the belt (if using a seat belt) through the rear-facing belt slots (the slots are indicated under the seat pad--the belt does not go over the child's legs or body in any way) and buckle the belt. If using the LATCH, install the LATCH belt on the seat as indicated in the owner's manual. Fasten one LATCH hook to the anchor on the same side. Do the same thing on the other side.

Use your arms and upper body to push the car seat down and back and tighten the seat belt or LATCH belt (pulling on the loop) as much as possible. Continue this until it cannot be tightened any further.

Check your work. Be sure that the seat is secure by attempting to move the car seat back and forth and forward and back. It should not move or rock more than an inch in any direction. If it does, the seat belt or LATCH belt needs to be tightened further, or the rolled towel (if you are using one) may need to be repositioned.


If you have trouble installing the seat, contact your local police and fire department and ask if a certified car seat installation technician is available to help you.


Children 35 lbs. and under are always safest in the rear-facing position, regardless of minimum weight and age requirements given by the law. If you do not use the LATCH belts, be sure that they are fastened together behind the car seat and that they are not loose. Loose belts can cause severe injury or even death.

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