How to Set Up an Eddie Bauer Stroller

Seattle-based Eddie Bauer originally sold only sportswear for outdoors men. Over the years, Eddie Bauer evolved into a casual clothing store and eventually an all-purpose store. In 1998, Eddie Bauer established its baby collection that sells such items as cribs, strollers, and car seats. The company's products are higher priced than its competition, but the higher quality can makes it worth the extra expense.

Open the Eddie Bauer stroller by grabbing the handle and pulling up. Use your foot, place it on the bar by the back wheels. This will give you some stability when opening the stroller.

Pull everything into place until you hear the stroller click. This will lock the Eddie Bauer stroller into place.

Press the button on the back wheel with your foot, locking the wheels.

Unlatch the seat belt and prepare it for your baby.

Place your baby into the stroller.

Adjust the stroller belt over the baby and latch it into the seat belt clamp.

Tighten the belt as necessary. Pull up the locking button on the back wheel with your foot to begin pushing the stroller.