How to Remove the Governor From Fisher Price Power Wheels Vehicles

Each Fisher-Price Power Wheels toy vehicle is manufactured with a high-speed lockout screw that acts as a governor for the vehicle 123. When installed, the high-speed lockout screw prevents a child from driving the Power Wheels vehicle at its top speed. This safety feature is designed to allow a child to learn the Power Wheels controls and how to safely drive the vehicle at a lower speed before riding at top speed. You can remove the screw once your child is familiar with the controls.

Move the Power Wheels vehicle shifter to the leftmost position, often referred to as position 1, if your Power Wheels vehicle shifter is installed in a horizontal position. Position 1 is the low-speed, forward-moving shifter position. Move the shifter to the lowest position if your Power Wheels vehicle shifter is installed in a vertical position.

Remove the screw from the upper left or right side of the shifter base with a Phillips screwdriver on Power Wheels vehicles with a horizontal shifter. Remove the screw located just below the shifter on Power Wheels with a vertical shifter.

Locate the shift lever lock and pull it back to release the lock, if your Power Wheels has a shift lever lock. The shift lever lock is found on the left side of the shifter base in some Power Wheels models with a horizontal shifter. Not all models have this lock.

Place the shifter in the farthest-forward position for horizontal shift levers or in the uppermost position for vertical shift levers to use the higher-speed function of your Power Wheels vehicle.

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