Prima Pappa High Chair Instructions

A high chair provides a safe place for your infant or toddler to eat, and sometimes play with, her meals. It also gives you a convenient place for her to play while you prepare meals for your family. Assemble your Prima Pappa high chair and appreciate its many features, while your child gets a kick out of joining your family at the dinner table.


Insert the wheels with brakes onto the back part of the high chair frame.

Press the two front wheels into the front part of the high chair frame.

Lift the seat of the high chair until you hear a click. It is now at one of the possible seating heights.

Push down on the red levers on sides of the high chair frame and press the back supports down to open the high chair frame.

Push the tray onto the armrests, while pulling the lever under the tray towards you.


Lower the brake levers on the back wheels to brake the chair. Lift the levers to release the brake.

Pull the lever under the tray towards you and pull the tray off the arm rests to remove.

Lift the upper meal tray off of the lower tray for washing.

Insert the shoulder strap onto the lap belt buckle and fasten the lap belt any time a child is using the high chair.

Squeeze the sides of the buckle and pull the lap belt buckles apart to unfasten the seat belt.


Pull the footrest out and down to lower the footrest to the appropriate height for your child. Push the footrest out and up to raise the footrest.

Pull the lever under the tray towards you while you pull the tray into the first or second position to fit your child. The third position marked with red notches is for folding the tray.

Press the side buttons on the high chair at the same time and push down to lower the height of the high chair. There are seven possible heights.

Grasp the high chair by the tray and lift to raise the height of the high chair.

Lift the handle on the back of the seat and recline or lift the seat into one of the four available positions.


Pull tray to third position marked by red notches. Face the high chair and press the button on the right leg. Press the button on the left leg while lifting tray upwards until it clicks closed. Press the button on the left leg and lower the tray to open tray.

Turn the safety device on the bottom of the back legs of the high chair in an upward direction. Press the pedal and pull the high chair upwards to fold. Be sure that the tray is closed, the seat is in an upright position, the seat is in its lowest position and the foot rest is closed.

Store the high chair in a dry area.


Never leave child unattended in a high chair.

Child safety straps should always be used when child is in the high chair.

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