Kolcraft Deluxe Bassinet Instructions

Bassinets offer a portable option for keeping your baby near you while he sleeps, and the small, cozy environment of a bassinet helps comfort your baby and ensure better sleep. Today’s bassinets go beyond providing secure napping spots; they’ve become virtual entertainment centers, complete with hanging toys, music and other features designed to soothe babies. Getting the most out of your bassinet, while keeping your baby safe, requires assembling your new bassinet carefully and according to detailed instructions.

Assemble the stand

Click the four locking casters into the frame tubes at the bottom of each frame leg.

Stand the frame onto the casters and open it by unfolding it.

Press down on the side locks, halfway up the frame above the junction where the frame's top and bottom legs cross, to secure the frame. Check that the frame lock is straight before you use the bassinet.

Assemble the bassinet

Open the bassinet’s support bars at either side of the bassinet by gripping the bars and pulling them apart. Clip each of the stand’s legs at the foot and head of the frame into the hooks underneath the bassinet’s floorboard. Leave the floorboard in the bassinet during the hooking process.

Fasten all of the bassinet cover’s snaps to the bassinet floorboard 1. Do not use the bassinet if you cannot fasten all the snaps.

Insert the bassinet pad flatly and tightly into the bassinet.

Place the bassinet sheet onto the pad. Check to ensure that the sheet wraps at least 2 inches beneath the entire pad to reduce your baby’s risk of getting entangled in the bedding.

Open the U-shaped attachment clips on the bassinet’s bottom. Place the clips onto the top rail near the head and foot of the frame. Close the clips to lock the bassinet to the frame. Pull up on the bassinet to check that it's securely fastened.

Attach the basket

Find the holes on the bottom of each side of the basket, at its head and foot. Slide the basket rods through the holes. Insert the rods’ ends into the matching holes at the foot and head of the frame.

Pull the basket tight so that it covers the basket rods and doesn’t bunch.

Hang each of the elastic loops on the basket onto each of the four basket hooks.

Attach the electronics

Install batteries in the Tender Vibes Electronics unit by unscrewing the battery cover door with the Phillips-head screwdriver. Insert the three AA batteries. Screw the battery cover back into place.

Find the electronic unit’s bracket at the front of the bassinet. Access it through a slit in the bassinet cover’s fabric.

Attach the electronics onto the bracket by pushing the unit downward. Place the unit so that its speaker faces into the bassinet.

Attach the canopy

Snap the ends of the canopy with toys into the bassinet’s frame, onto the clips near the head end, to attach it.

Press the fabric’s Velcro ties together.

Pull back the canopy’s fabric over the frame.


Avoid using additional sheets, blankets or pillows in the bassinet, because extra bedding can present suffocation hazards. Don’t use the bassinet near stairs or around pets or other children without the wheels locked. Don’t carry or move the bassinet with your baby inside.

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