Instructions for a Huffy Green Machine 2

The Huffy Green Machine 2 is a big green tricycle with a large front wheel and two smaller rear tires, a low seat and a joystick-style control 123. Designed for children ages 6 and up, the Green Machine uses 2 levers to turn the rear wheels 123. Sold online and in many toy stores and home retail stores, the Green Machine 2 should only be used by individuals wearing a helmet and by children who are supervised by an adult 123.

Sit on the seat with feet positioned in the pedals. The knees should be slightly bent. Push down the lever on the seat to move the seat closer or further from the pedals.

Begin to pedal, holding one lever in each hand.

Pull the right lever towards you to turn to the right. Pull the left lever towards you to turn to the left.

Squeeze the brakes on both levers at the same time to apply the brakes.


Do not operate the Green Machine on hills, near streets, bodies of water or when not wearing a helmet. The tricycle can tip over easily, especially if moving at a fast pace. Adult supervision is highly recommended.