Instructions for a Trampoline Safety Enclosure

Trampolines are a fun item to have in your backyard, but they also come with serious risks. The larger the trampoline, the higher you're able to bounce, and correspondingly the more likely you are to injure yourself if you fall to the ground. Fortunately, trampoline enclosures are available to create a safety buffer between you and the hard ground while jumping 1. Though many models of trampoline enclosures are available, the principals of installing them are basically universal 1.

Connect the enclosure poles to the trampoline base 1. This can be done in a few different ways. The poles will either be attached directly to the top of the base, by sliding the pole onto the top of a base leg, or by clamping the pole to the base legs using U-clamps.

Slide the foam padding onto the enclosure poles, then put on the top plastic caps if separate from the poles. Some poles have the top caps pre-installed.

Get on the trampoline with the net, and roll the net out so you can find the door. The door may be a zipper doorway shaped hole, or an overlap of netting with a space between to get in.

Position the doorway on the area of the trampoline where you want to enter, between two of the enclosure poles.

Secure the netting all around the bottom of the trampoline diameter, where the springs meet the trampoline pad. Start at the doorway, then move clockwise as you secure the netting. The netting will have straps or loops at the bottom to be hooked onto the trampoline pad metal loops. The trampoline pad loops may be horseshoe-shaped or triangular-shaped depending on the model.

Hold up the two top netting straps that flank the netting doorway, and position the netting doorway squarely between the two enclosure poles that you designated as the doorway.

Secure the netting straps into the top of each enclosure pole, through the guide holes on the plastic cap. These may be hook-and-loop fasteners or button-style straps. Fit the strap through the guide hole on each plastic cap starting from the doorway and continue clockwise until all are secure.


Ensue that you read your trampoline enclosure instruction manual as all models may differ slightly.


Always ensure that your children are supervised while jumping on a trampoline. If your child has friends that want to jump on the trampoline, ensure that you have permission from their parents prior to allow them to jump. Not doing so could result in a lawsuit if a child is injured while jumping on your property.