Instructions to Assemble an Eddie Bauer Bassinet

An Eddie Bauer bassinet can serve as an ideal first sleeping spot for your little one. Bassinets allow new parents to keep baby close by their side at night without taking up a lot of floor space. Most bassinets, such as the Eddie Bauer Musical Rocking Bassinet, hold infants up to 15 pounds and feature straightforward assembly instructions.

Building the Metal Frame

In the bassinet box there will be two metal basket ends. Arrange these so the knobs on both ends are facing outward. Then take out the two metal side rails that come with foam on top. Use the screws provided to fasten one basket end to a rail. Then repeat this for the other basket end.

Attaching the Basket Board

Line up the notches on the bassinet's basket board so that the bars meet the notches. Slide down the basket board and press down the plastic ends that are attached. These should fit securely down onto the metal. Then secure the basket board to the metal with the included screws.

Adding Bedding

Unfold the included bedding and wash it if desired. When ready, place the bedding over the frame and pull down so the holes in the fabric go over the plastic ends. Tuck any loose fabric inside of the frame. Take the bedding ruffles and pull them through the loop straps in the basket board.

Assembling the Wooden Frame

Cover the bassinet pad with a sheet and place the pad into the basket. Take the headboard and push the included wooden dowels into the second holes from the bottom. Slide the end of the bottom rail onto the wooden dowels and secure them with bolts. Install the wooden rails by positioning T-nuts into the holes and securing them in place. Install the second headboard with the knobs facing inward.

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