Instructions on How to Assemble a Delta Bassinet

A Delta bassinet can serve efficiently as a baby’s first bed, delivering a safe and comfortable sleeping place for your tiny infant 1. Prepare for your baby’s arrival by assembling the Delta bassinet according to manufacturer specifications 1. While models vary somewhat, assembly instructions are similar. The only tool you’ll need to assemble Delta bassinets is a Phillips screwdriver to insert the screws that come with the assembly package. Once you finish, you can sit back and enjoy imagining your little one in her bassinet.

Insert the four casters into the four support legs. Push the casters in firmly until they click. Check the connection by pulling the casters to make sure they don’t slide back out again.

Place the top rail frame on the floor so the inserts for the support legs face up. Check each support leg insert to note the label: “A” or “B.” Match a support leg labeled “A” with a support leg insert labeled “A.” Push the support leg into the insert until it clicks. Repeat the same process with the remaining “A” support leg and the two “B” support legs.

Adjust the mattress board supports on the support legs so they face inward. Place the mattress support board onto the mattress supports and line up the holes in the mattress support board with the holes in the mattress board supports. Drive four of the shorter M4 screws through the mattress support board and into the supports underneath.

Position the two basket support tubes on the left and right sides of the bassinet between the two left side legs and the two right side legs. Insert an M6 screw through one of the left support legs and into the support tube and screw it into place tightly. Leave the other end of the tube unsecured. Insert another M6 screw through one of the right support legs and into the support tube. Screw it in tightly. Leave the other end of the tube unsecured.

Position the storage basket so the inserts face up, and slide it onto the two unsecured ends of the support tubes. Position the basket evenly along the tubes. Insert the two remaining M6 screws through the remaining support legs and into the support tubes. Tighten them.

Turn the bassinet frame upright. Place the bassinet liner onto the frame, positioning it so you center the warning label at the foot of the bassinet. Pull the pockets on the bottom of the bassinet liner over the edges of the mattress support board. Lift the liner skirt and snap the eight straps positioned around the top edge of the frame.

Place the sheet onto the mattress pad and position the mattress pad into the bassinet. Never use any sheets but those designated by the Delta manufacturer. This will help keep your child safe from suffocation.

Fasten the canopy to the bassinet on the side opposite the warning label. Find a hole in the liner on each side of the bassinet and insert the canopy ratchets into the bassinet frame through the holes in the liner. Secure the canopy flap to the bassinet liner by pressing the hook-and-loop connection over the connection sites on each side of the bassinet.

Position the elastic on the bottom of the canopy down over the top rail of the bassinet.


If your model has a music module, attach it to the mattress support frame before attaching the bassinet liner. Remove the screw plate on the music module and position it on the mattress support frame at the indicated location. Reattach the screw plate through the holes in the mattress support frame. Attach the battery power line in to the underside of the music module. Unscrew the door on the battery compartment on the bottom of the mattress support and insert four “AA” batteries. Replace the compartment door and tighten the screws.

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