Instructions for Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper

The Arm's Reach Co-sleeper Bassinet is a patented sleeping solution that allows parents to safely sleep next to infants 1. This co-sleeper attaches directly to the side of the parent's bed for a safe and secure sleeping arrangement. It keeps your baby close, strengthening bonding and simplifying nighttime feedings. The original Arm's Reach Co-sleeper comfortably holds one to two babies and can be easily converted into a free-standing bassinet or playard 1. It connects to any single, full, queen, king or California king adult beds.

Setting Up the Basic Playard

Unzip the bag and remove the playard. Stand the playard upright. Unhook the Velcro tabs and set the mattress and the bag containing the sheet aside.

Pull the four corners posts apart to open; leave the center of the playard up. Grab the center of one of the bars and pull up until you hear a click; this will lock the bar into place. Test the bar to make sure it is sturdy and repeat these steps for the three other bars.

Position your foot on the outside center pocket of the bottom bar and push down to lock. Test to make sure the bar is sturdy and repeat for the three other bars. The playard should be fully erect.

Open the bag containing the sheet and attach it to the mattress. To do this, open the four Velcro tabs on the ends of the mattress and feed them through the buttonholes of the sheet corners. Place the mattress, with Velcro tabs extended, into the bottom of the playard. Feed the four Velcro tabs through the corresponding buttonholes on the floor of the playard and attach them to the snaps on the outside legs.

Fold the playard. Lift the lower horizontal bar up; position your foot underneath the lower bar and lift the bar up until it reaches an inverted "V" position. Keep the bar in the "V" position and place your finger over the center of the top bar, with your thumb on the "Press to Unlock" button. Push the buttons in while simultaneously lifting the bar to release the lock. Push down until the side resembles a "U" shape. Repeat this step for all four bars, then pull up on the center of the playard floor. Gather the folded playard and wrap the mattress around the unit. Feed the straps through the bottom corner loops and snap them together with the two other Velcro straps. Put the playard into the bag with the sheet in the end of the unit, making sure the handle comes through the opening of the bag, and zip it closed.

Converting the Playard to the Co-sleeper Bassinet

Unhook the Velcro tabs underneath the playard and remove the mattress.

Position your foot under the lower bar and lift the bar up into an inverted "V" position; this bar must be unlocked for you to unlock the top bar. Keep the playard in the "V" position for the next step.

Position your fingers over the center of the top bar and your thumb on the "Press to Unlock" button. Push the button in, while simultaneously lifting the bar, and push down until the side resembles a "U" shape. Next, open the two Velcro flaps on both of the nylon side panels, right below the plastic corners. Locate the locking tab inside both upper plastic corner pieces and push toward the center of the playard. Raise the plastic connector up and out of the receiving slot. Insert the connector into the lower slot and push down until the locking tab clicks shut. Repeat this on the other side of the unit. Grab the center of the top bar and pull up until it clicks and locks. Lock the bottom bars now.

Assemble the bar and hanger set; this consists of four hangers, three long bars with metal buttons and two connector bars. Do this by inserting the long bars into the hangers, making sure that the metal button clicks into the plastic hanger. Connect the long bars into the sides of the short bars.

Attach the assembled bar and hangers to the co-sleeper bassinet. Do this by placing the hanger on the nylon bar and rotating it until it is in the correct position (instructions for the correct placement of the hangers is located on the unit for your convenience).

Attaching the Liner and Mattress to the Co-sleeper

Remove the liner from the plastic bag and lay it over the co-sleeping frame, the long flap should lay over the lower bar. Pull the back corners over the co-sleeper frame and secure the liner into place by using the corner snaps. Secure the overhanging liner to the co-sleeper by using the three Velcro patches found on the front and sides of the nylon panel.

Install the playard floor as a mattress for the co-sleeper bassinet. Do this by laying the mattress on top of the liner. Then connect the Velcro on the bottom of the mattress to the support bars of the co-sleeper. Push a Velcro strap down through the slit on the liner. Pull it around the metal support bar, then push the strap back up through the other split in the liner. Secure the Velcro to the mattress. Repeat these steps for the three other sides of the mattress, firmly securing the mattress to the liner.

Secure the co-sleeper to the parent's bed. Do this by unrolling the nylon straps from the plastic resistance plate and laying them across the parent's bed. Make sure the straps line up with the center of where you are positioning your co-sleeper bassinet. Next, position the straps between the upper and lower mattress or upper mattress and box spring. Do this by sliding the straps back and forth in a "sawing" motion between the mattresses while pulling down until the straps and resistance plate are in position (one strap should be coming out of each side of the co-sleeper). Pass one of the straps through the belt loop that is found on the front leg of the co-sleeper and connect it into the female buckle on the rear leg of the co-sleeper. Pull on the excess strap to tighten the co-sleeper to the parent's bed. Repeat this step on the other side of the bassinet. Now grab the excess straps, pass them back through the belt loop and push them between the mattresses.


Read the manufacturer's instructions and warnings carefully before attempting to assemble and use this product.

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