How to Install a Rainforest Baby View

The Rainforest Baby View Mirror is a large plastic mirror manufactured by Fisher-Price that is designed to help parents view a baby sitting in a rear-facing back seat 1. The mirror has a yellow monkey and a green frame that give it a rainforest theme. The large mirror allows parents to ensure the baby stays safe during car trips. The mirror can attach to the car seats in two different ways, depending on the kind of attachment system used in your vehicle.


Locate the two Velcro strips that attach to the back of the mirror.

Wrap the strips around the back of the headrest, positioning the mirror where you want it to go.

Stick the two ends of the Velcro together to hold it in place. Adjust the height and tilt of the mirror so that when you look through the rearview mirror you can see the baby’s car seat.

Seat Anchor

Locate the clip attachment that attaches to the seat anchor.

Clip the clip attachment to the seat anchor located behind the back seat. Typically, only vans and SUVs have these clips on the back of the seats.

Arrange the length of the strand holding the mirror in place to adjust the height of the mirror so that you can see the car seat when looking into the rearview mirror.