How to Install a 2010 Bugaboo Bee Footmuff

The Bugaboo Bee is a stroller model produced by the Bugaboo company. The 2010 Bugaboo Bee is compatible with the Bugaboo Bee footmuff, as the footmuff is designed to fit that particular model of stroller 1. The footmuff actually attaches to the entire seat of the stroller, so the child cannot kick it away or slide out of the stroller. You need no special equipment to install the footmuff on a 2010 Bugaboo Bee 1.

Lock the brakes on the back wheels of the Bugaboo Bee stroller. Unbutton the buttons on the back of the stroller that hold the canopy in place. Remove the canopy and set it aside.

Push the clips that hold the harness toggles in place. Push the toggles through the holes in the backrest of the stroller to detach the harness. Remove the harness and set it aside.

Pull down the two zippers on each side of the footmuff to release the cover. Lay the footmuff in place in the stroller seat.

Push the stroller's shoulder straps through the two holes in the middle of the footmuff. Pull the straps upward and push them back through the top holes in the footmuff, then through the holes in the back rest of the stroller. Snap the shoulder strap toggles in place to secure the harness. Locate the crotch strap in the seat of the stroller and push it up through one of the holes in the seat of the footmuff.

Pull the edges of the footmuff over the back rest of the stroller. Push the buttons of the footmuff into the buttons where the canopy used to be secured. Replace the canopy and button it in place over the footmuff buttons.

Pull the fabric loops on either side of the footmuff under the stroller and hook them onto the hooks under the seat. Have your child sit in the stroller. Strap the child in with the crotch strap and shoulder straps. Zip up the footmuff with the two zippers on the side.

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