How to Assemble a Trampoline Enclosure

If many people use a trampoline at once, especially children, you can help ensure their safety by adding an enclosure. The steps for putting the enclosure together must be followed carefully, but the actual assembly procedure is fairly straightforward.

Fasten the enclosure to the trampoline legs 1. The pole's bottom should be a foot and a half beneath the trampoline's frame. Since every trampoline is different, read the instruction manual for your specific design. Most enclosure poles clasp easily to the legs of the trampoline with stainless or galvanised U-bolts, washers and nuts.

Use your ladder to attach the top of the poles to the ones that have already been fastened to the trampoline legs. If you have two halves, align the holes of each half and use your screwdriver to insert and tighten screws. Most poles come in two halves, though a few will come as single-pole units.

Pull the foam sleeves over the poles. They should extend to the top of the trampoline frame. The enclosure set comes with a set of caps that should be placed on the tops of the poles. These will be used to hold the encompassing net.

Tie one end of the enclosure net on top of one pole, then stretch it over and tie it to the top of the pole beside it. Continue this procedure and tie the net around the poles until it fully encloses the trampoline. Once you have done this, the net should be hanging just above the trampoline. Pull it down and clamp it to the top of the frame.