Graco Duo Tandem Stroller Instructions

The Graco DuoGlider fits easily through doorways.

Stroller options become more limited when you have two little ones in your family. The Graco DuoGlider is a tandem double stroller that features a narrow frame so that it can navigate through tight spaces, as well as the capability to accept two infant car seats simultaneously, making it suitable for parents of infant twins. The rear seat also reclines to a completely flat position and converts into an enclosed carriage for smaller babies.


Undo the plastic storage latch on the side of the folded stroller.

Stand the folded stroller up on its wheels.

Grasp the handle and pull up and back while pushing the front of the stroller out to unfold it.


Move both seats into an upright position.

Lock the stroller wheels by pressing the red foot pedal near the back wheels.

Retract the back canopy all the way, and push the front canopy forward so that it rests on the front child's tray.

Slide the red button on the stroller's handle with your thumb while twisting the whole handle portion away from you.

Push the back end of the stroller up and forward until the stroller collapses.

Attach Car Seat

Recline the seat fully.

Unfasten the stroller harness and hang the buckles outside the stroller's seat.

Place the infant car seat into the stroller seat in a rear-facing position. The cut-out portion on the bottom of the car seat should rest on the child's tray. Push down until you hear a snap, indicating it is locked into place.

Move the buckles to the end of the stroller's seat belt then bring the belts up and slide the under the belt hooks on either side of the car seat so that the buckles are on the inside of the car seat. Tighten the buckles so that they hold the car seat securely.

Recline Front Seat

Lift up on the wire handle located on the back of the seat.

Pull the seat back to the desired position.

Release the wire handle to lock the seat into place.

Recline Rear Seat

Pull to release the plastic tabs located on either side of the back of the rear seat.

Pull the seat back to a reclined position.

Push the seat back up to raise it again.

Use Rear Seat As a Carriage

Recline the back seat all the way.

Pull the footrest portion of the seat fabric up and snap it to the inside of the stroller frame.

Thread the side hook and loop straps through the plastic slots on each side of the stroller and fasten them.

Wrap the two bottom hook and loop straps around two stroller tubes before fastening them.


If you remove the front canopy and the front child's tray before folding the stroller, it will be much more compact.


The Graco DuoGlider is designed for use only with Graco SnugRide and Graco SafeSeat. Infant car seats made by other manufacturers may not attach properly and could be in danger of falling.

You must always use the closure flap when a baby is in the rear seat while it is fully reclined. Also make sure to remove any head supports when using this seat as a carriage.