How to Fold Up a Graco High Chair

Graco high chairs are definitely user-friendly, as are most Graco products 1. Many of their models can multitask by serving as car seats, infant seats and even baby rockers. They all have a three-point harness for keeping baby safe and they are lightweight yet durable. Once you have mastered the art of closing the high chair to be put away for the night, you will be able to do it in less time than it takes to warm up baby’s bottle.

Clean off the tray and any parts that might be dirty. Use a damp cloth or a sponge and then dry the high chair before closing it.

Remove the tray and place it in the area where you are going to store the rest of the high chair.

Look for the red buttons on the sides of the high chair. Depress them at the same time. Once the buttons are depressed, fold the legs together. Push the seat toward the back.

Depress the buttons on the back of the legs to lower the legs for making the folded seat even smaller. Replace the tray back onto the chair and it is ready to be put away.


Clean the high chair after each use so that it is less difficult to clean at the end of the day.


Use all the parts of the harness to secure baby in the high chair.

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