Instructions on How to Charge Your Kid's John Deere Gator

For children who have a love of trucks and all things John Deere, the mini Gator produced by Peg Perego is sure to provide hours of fun. This miniature vehicle is a perfect, working replica of its larger counterpart. The vehicle seats two children and has a working dump bed with a tailgate that opens. It also has a safety feature, which prevents new riders from driving above second gear. The mini Gator runs off a rechargeable 12-volt battery, which is easy to remove and recharge when necessary.

Locate the battery and remove it. The battery is located at the very front of the Gator. It can be accessed by lifting the front bumper downwards and sliding out the metal retaining rod.

Disconnect the electrical connection that connects the battery to the vehicle and pull the battery out of the battery compartment. Set it on the floor near an electrical outlet.

Plug the battery charger into the electrical outlet and attach the end of the charger to the electrical connection on the battery.

Leave the battery to charge for several hours. When the battery is sufficiently charged, disconnect the charger and replace it inside the battery compartment.

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