How to Fold a Cosco Folding High Chair

Cosco folding high chairs are designed for ease of use, according to the Cosco Website. They fold up quickly and lay flat for storage. The chairs feature easy-to-clean seat pads, an adjustable tray and a foot rest, as well as a harness and built-in snack and cup holder. When shopping for a high chair, consider safety issues, as well as convenience 2. Look for a sturdy high chair with a wide base, and a tray that is easily cleaned without a lot of nooks and crannies.

Remove the tray from the high chair and wash it thoroughly. Snap it back into place.

Stand behind the high chair and push down on the two levers located where the seat hinges to the frame. The seat will fall forward at the hinge, folding in half.

Push on the back of the seat, if necessary, to securely fasten the hinges in a folded position.

Lift the back panel to reassemble the high chair. Push it until the levers snap securely into place. Push down on the seat to ensure it is locked.


Compact high chairs, such as the Cosco folding high chair, work well for travel or storage at grandma's house.


Always strap your child securely in the high chair and provide close supervision.