Directions for the Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller

The Graco Quattro Tour Duo stroller is an option for parents with two young children. This model allows your toddler to ride safely in the front seat, while your infant is in the SnugRide car seat that easily snaps into the back seat. Strollers can be bulky, but the Quattro folds up smaller than many other models. It also features a one-hand gravity fold, which makes it easier to fold up and fit in your car. Since it's practically put together when you pull it out of the box, it's easy to install, too. Add the wheels, footrest and a few accessories, and your family is ready to roll.

Undo the safety latch and pull open the stroller. You should hear a snap when it's fully opened.

Screw the footrest onto the bottom front of the stroller using a Phillips screwdriver.

Push the front wheels onto the legs. You should hear them snap into place. Pull on them once to make sure they are secure.

Push the rear axle rod bar all the way through the axle opening so that you can attach the back wheels to the stroller. The axle key should be lined up with the key holes.

Push the hub adaptor pieces firmly onto the rear wheels. The teeth of the adaptor should line up with the ones on the inside of the wheels.

Turn the stroller on its side. Push one of the wheels onto the axle rod. Slide the washer onto the axle rod on the outside of the wheel. Push the straight side of the pin through the axle hole. The pin should separate around the axle. Push the wheel cap onto the centre of the wheel until it snaps. Follow the same steps for the other rear wheel.

Recline the seats by feeling for the bar in the hole at the top of the back of the seat. Lift the bar up as you slowly pull the seat back. Push the back of the seat up to raise either of them to a sitting position.

Lock the rear wheels by pushing forward on the red levers near the wheels on the rear axle. Unlock the wheels by pushing the levers back toward you. To keep the front wheels from turning, push down the small lever on the front of each wheel. To unlock them, pull up.

Install the canopy and cupholders. Push the canopy's hinges into the slots on each side of the stroller until they snap. Push in the small button on each side of the canopy's bottom hinge and lift to remove it. For the cupholders, insert the small end onto the stroller and turn it slightly until it snaps into place.

Remove the cupholders before attaching the car seat adaptor and seat by pushing the buttons on the bottom of the holders. Also, put on the brakes, remove the front canopy and recline the seat back before attaching it. Attach the car seat by snapping it onto the car seat adaptor. If you are using two seats, put the front car seat on first. To remove it, squeeze and lift up on the handle on the back of the car seat.

Fold up the stroller by first folding up the canopies and pushing them back. Slide the button back on the stroller's handle as you twist it and push down on the stroller. You should hear a snap when it is fully folded up.


Always keep your child buckled in when he's in the stroller, and never leave him unattended. Follow the weight restrictions on the stroller's label. Always put your heavier child in front to keep the stroller from tipping over.