Directions & Instructions for the Love N Care Carry Portable Cot

Love N Care manufactures a full range of baby products to include nursery furniture, walkers, swings, strollers and safety equipment. Among their range of products are collapsible playpens or portable cots that can be used during travel or when infants must be moved often between locations. The Astro Travel Cot and the Playland Travel Cot are specifically made for traveling families. Instructions for assembling, folding and collapsing both of these models are included in this article.

Unzip the storage bag and remove contents. Release the Velcro straps that secure the mattress base around the unit.

Pull the legs of the frame outward as far as they will go. Set the legs on the floor.

Locate the shorter sides and grasp the rail towards the middle of one of the sides. Pull upward on the rail until you hear a click that indicates that the rail has been clicked into place. Click the rail into place on the opposite side.

Grasp the rail on one of the longer sides and pull upward until it clicks into place. Click the rail into place on the last edge.

Flatten the bottom of the travel cot with your hand. Insert the mattress base into the bottom of the cot and secure the base with the Velcro fasteners by threading them through the holes and attaching them to the connection areas on the bottom of the cot.

Fold the portable cot by releasing the Velcro fasteners on the mattress. Remove the mattress.

Press the release button located on the center of each rail while gently lowering the rails.

Wrap the mattress pad around the cot and secure it with Velcro. Place the unit in the storage bag and zip the bag shut.


Additional accessories are available for purchase which are compatible with these units. Accessories include a toy bar, canopy with insect net, changing table and bassinet. Instructions for the accessories are included in the manual for the base product and will be supplied with the accessories themselves.


Make sure that all sides are completely locked into place and the mattress pad is secure before placing an infant in the unit. If these steps are not followed, the models may collapse or may have fabric that can cover the infant's mouth and nose. The models are made for children weighing less than 44 pounds. The models should not be used for children who can climb over the sides. The models should not be moved while an infant is inside.

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