How to Build a Stroller Buggy Board

A stroller buggy board is a useful attachment for strollers designed to allow older kids the benefit of a ride when a smaller baby is using the stroller. The child stands on the board and holds onto the stroller handle. Buggy boards are harder to find in the United States than in other countries. They can also be quite expensive to purchase. However, with a few tools and a little time, it is possible to build your own stroller buggy board. This project can easily be completed in one day.

Construct a design for the buggy board on a piece of paper. You will need a rectangular base about 2 inches smaller than the width of your stroller and about 8-10 inches long. You will also need two triangle pieces the same width as the buggy board. Two smaller rectangle pieces should be designed about 2 to 3 inches wide, and long enough to reach from the buggy board to the stroller. This varies with each stroller used, but should be somewhere around 12 to 18 inches. Another rectangle piece should be designed that is the same length as the two triangle pieces and the large rectangle piece when placed in the final arrangement.

Cut out the outlines and lay them on the plywood. Trace the designs with a pencil. Cut the shapes out with the electric saw. Sand all edges and surfaces until they are smooth. Paint the wood a cheerful color if desired. Let dry.

Mark one small circle at one of the corners of each triangle 1. This will be where you will drill a hole to attach the axle. Mark a circle at one of the ends of each long rectangular piece as well 1. Drill the holes large enough for the axle to slide through.

Attach pieces (side frames, arms). Line one of the triangle pieces against one of the smaller edges of the large rectangle. It will look like the start of a shelf or oddly shaped box. Let the end of the triangle with the whole point toward the ground. Screw the triangle piece into the rectangle with two screws. Do the same for the other side. Attach the rectangle piece that measures the length of the buggy board. Screw it into the side of the board that will be facing the stroller with three screws, one on each end and one in the middle. This will support the board, making it sturdy enough for a child.

Take the two smaller rectangles and line them up diagonally on the opposite ends from where the triangles are pointing. Angle them so that they will easily reach the stroller legs. Screw them into place with two screws per side.

Slide the axle through the two holes in the triangle pieces. Screw the wagon wheels into place. Make sure the wheels slide properly and don't wiggle.

Line the buggy board up with the back of the stroller. Point the rectangle pieces toward the legs of the stroller. Slide a cloth adjustable fastener through each of the holes. Rope can also be used. Tighten the fasteners around the legs of the stroller. You have now completed your stroller buggy board.


It is important to make sure that the buggy board is level before screwing the pieces together, otherwise it will not glide properly.


Do not allow someone over 35-40 pounds to stand on the buggy board. It can break when too much weight is applied.