How to Attach Two Umbrella Strollers Together

Double strollers can cost a lot of money. Umbrella strollers, on the other hand, are affordable. Most are priced between $15 and $50. The cheapest strollers do not have storage baskets or cup holders, while the more expensive umbrella strollers have most of the benefits of a full stroller, only they are lighter and easier to store. Attaching two umbrella strollers is an easy and affordable way to create a double stroller and it also offers the flexibility to split the strollers apart when you only need one.

Make sure your two umbrella strollers are identical or at least very similar. Two umbrella strollers that are not the same will not line up properly and they will be nearly impossible to attach and push. The handles need to be the same height and the wheels need to be lined up in order for an attachment to work.

Purchase three short bungee cords. The shorter the length of the cords, the better the attachment will work. Long cords will have to be wrapped multiple times and could interfere with the stroller's maneuverability.

Unfold both strollers and stand them side-by-side. Take the first bungee cord and attach the two inside handles. Wrap the cord around as many times as you can and hook the ends together.

Use the second and third bungee cords to attach the inside front wheels and then the inside back wheels the same way that you attached the handles. Be sure that the bungee cords are tight and that they do not interfere with the wheels rolling.

Disassemble before unfolding the strollers. To keep the bungee cords accessible, wrap them around the handle of one stroller for next time you want to attach them.


The same process could be used to attach three strollers, although it would be too wide to push indoors. Three umbrella strollers connected would work well outdoors, however.


Umbrella strollers are intended for children who can sit unassisted. Never put a baby without control of her head or upper body in an umbrella stroller.