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How to Attach Two Umbrella Strollers Together

Make sure your two umbrella strollers are identical or at least very similar. Two umbrella strollers that are not the same will not line up properly and they will be nearly impossible to attach and push. The handles need to be the same height and the wheels need to be lined up in order for an attachment to work.

Purchase three short bungee cords. The shorter the length of the cords, the better the attachment will work. Long cords will have to be wrapped multiple times and could interfere with the stroller's maneuverability.

Unfold both strollers and stand them side-by-side. Take the first bungee cord and attach the two inside handles. Wrap the cord around as many times as you can and hook the ends together.

Use the second and third bungee cords to attach the inside front wheels and then the inside back wheels the same way that you attached the handles. Be sure that the bungee cords are tight and that they do not interfere with the wheels rolling.

Disassemble before unfolding the strollers. To keep the bungee cords accessible, wrap them around the handle of one stroller for next time you want to attach them.

Things You Will Need

  • Bungee Cords
  • Umbrella Strollers


The same process could be used to attach three strollers, although it would be too wide to push indoors. Three umbrella strollers connected would work well outdoors, however.


Umbrella strollers are intended for children who can sit unassisted. Never put a baby without control of her head or upper body in an umbrella stroller.

How to Keep a Stroller Safe at Disneyland

Tie a brightly colored ribbon around the handles of your child's stroller, recommends USA Today. This makes your stroller easily identifiable, which reduces the risk that someone else will mistake your stroller for their own and take it while you're on a ride or shopping. This is particularly effective if you rent your stroller at the park because all of those strollers look exactly alike.

Use designated stroller parking. Disneyland has special areas near each ride or group of rides set aside for strollers. When you use these areas to park your stroller, it's less likely to be taken by someone else since there are always people milling about dropping off or collecting their own stroller.

Attach a bicycle lock or a padlock around the wheels of the stroller so it can't be rolled or pushed. This will help deter would-be thieves from making off with your stroller. It doesn't take much for stressed-out parents who forgot their own stroller to grab yours, put their kid in it and stroll away.

Trade off rides with others in your party. If someone in your party isn't interested in a certain ride, put him in charge of babysitting the stroller while everyone else has a turn. If he does want to ride, switch off so everyone gets a turn.

Things You Will Need

  • Brightly colored ribbon
  • Padlock or bicycle lock


Don't spend your entire Disneyland vacation worrying about your stroller. As long as you have your valuables on your person, you can always rent another stroller, but almost everyone at the park is there to have a good time, as well, and not many people are looking to rob someone of their stroller.


Don't leave valuables, such as money, cameras or car keys, in your stroller. Instead, put them in your pockets so you still have them in case your stroller does get taken. If a ride gets particularly busy, a Disneyland employee might rearrange the stroller parking area to make room for more strollers. Check around if you don't immediately spot your stroller. Chances are, it got moved rather than stolen.

Directions for the Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller

Undo the safety latch and pull open the stroller. You should hear a snap when it's fully opened.

Screw the footrest onto the bottom front of the stroller using a Phillips screwdriver.

Push the front wheels onto the legs. You should hear them snap into place. Pull on them once to make sure they are secure.

Push the rear axle rod bar all the way through the axle opening so that you can attach the back wheels to the stroller. The axle key should be lined up with the key holes.

Push the hub adaptor pieces firmly onto the rear wheels. The teeth of the adaptor should line up with the ones on the inside of the wheels.

Turn the stroller on its side. Push one of the wheels onto the axle rod. Slide the washer onto the axle rod on the outside of the wheel. Push the straight side of the pin through the axle hole. The pin should separate around the axle. Push the wheel cap onto the centre of the wheel until it snaps. Follow the same steps for the other rear wheel.

Recline the seats by feeling for the bar in the hole at the top of the back of the seat. Lift the bar up as you slowly pull the seat back. Push the back of the seat up to raise either of them to a sitting position.

Lock the rear wheels by pushing forward on the red levers near the wheels on the rear axle. Unlock the wheels by pushing the levers back toward you. To keep the front wheels from turning, push down the small lever on the front of each wheel. To unlock them, pull up.

Install the canopy and cupholders. Push the canopy's hinges into the slots on each side of the stroller until they snap. Push in the small button on each side of the canopy's bottom hinge and lift to remove it. For the cupholders, insert the small end onto the stroller and turn it slightly until it snaps into place.

Remove the cupholders before attaching the car seat adaptor and seat by pushing the buttons on the bottom of the holders. Also, put on the brakes, remove the front canopy and recline the seat back before attaching it. Attach the car seat by snapping it onto the car seat adaptor. If you are using two seats, put the front car seat on first. To remove it, squeeze and lift up on the handle on the back of the car seat.

Fold up the stroller by first folding up the canopies and pushing them back. Slide the button back on the stroller's handle as you twist it and push down on the stroller. You should hear a snap when it is fully folded up.


Always keep your child buckled in when he's in the stroller, and never leave him unattended. Follow the weight restrictions on the stroller's label. Always put your heavier child in front to keep the stroller from tipping over.

Umbrella Strollers & Infant Safety

Neck Safety

Most umbrella strollers are designed to accommodate toddlers. Most umbrella strollers don't provide the neck support that an infant requires because they typically do not recline and don't allow for a car seat or bassinet to attach. Once a baby can support his neck and sit, usually between four and seven months, then an umbrella stroller is appropriate to use. A few high-end umbrella strollers do recline and also offer a "boot enclosure" so a small infant can't fall through, but it also comes with a heftier price tag.


Consumer Reports research found that most of the14,000 stroller-related injuries came in falls. Umbrella strollers typically weigh 5 pounds or less and because of their light weight, they are more susceptible to tipping. Don't use the handle bars to carry shopping bags, a diaper bag or purse because that can cause the stroller to tip with the infant inside. Likewise, if the umbrella stroller does come with storage underneath the stroller, check the instructions to ensure you don't exceed the weight restrictions.

Hinges and Brakes

When using the umbrella stroller, ensure that everything is "clicked" into place. When opening the stroller, listen to hear the hinges snap into place. This ensures that the stroller's locking devices are fully locked -- an unlocked stroller can collapse with the infant inside. Also, check to ensure the umbrella stroller has brakes and lock those brakes when stopping for even a moment. A stroller can roll away with the infant inside even on the slightest slope.

Five Point Harness

When doing research on umbrella strollers, look for ones that offer a five-point harness. Infants need their upper body restrained to prevent falls and injury. Listen for the "click" that indicates the safety straps are in place. Also, ensure that the straps fit snugly on your infant.

The Best Baby Strollers for Tall Parents

Handlebar Height

Stroller handlebar height varies widely between manufacturers but most are designed for people of average height. The standard handlebar height requires parents who are 5’10” or taller to hunch over when pushing a stroller and that often leads to general discomfort and back pain over time. Tall parents should look for strollers with handlebar height that is either specifically tailored or adjustable to their level of comfort. When testing handlebar height, tall parents should ensure that they can maintain straight posture while pushing the stroller.

Rear Design

When it comes to baby strollers, comfort for tall parents does not stop at the handlebar height. Since tall people generally take longer strides, the rear design of a stroller can also impact a parent’s comfort level while maneuvering it. Just as the handlebar height needs to be a bit higher to accommodate taller parents, the rear axles, parking brakes and undercarriage should also be elevated to prevent taller parents from banging their feet with each step.

Rear Wheel Distance

Just like low-lying rear axles, the distance between rear wheels can cause a problem for tall parents. Baby strollers with rear wheels that are set further apart from each other are better suited for tall parents with longer strides. Though a narrow gap between the rear wheels may look sleek, it isn’t very practical for tall parents who are more likely to kick the wheels as they push the stroller.

Jogging Strollers

Jogging strollers are a good choice for tall parents because most offer a wide distance between rear wheels and many come with handlebars that adjust to several different height levels. The Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging stroller, BabyJogger City Series stroller and the Jeep Overland stroller are all jogging strollers that are suitable for tall parents.

Travel System Strollers

Travel systems that include a stroller and removable car seat are also a better choice for tall parents because they usually have higher handlebars. Some travel system strollers that are suitable for tall parents include the Chicco Cortina Series, the Britax convertible stroller and Phil & Ted’s Promenade buggy stroller.

Lightweight Strollers

Tall parents who are looking for a comfortable but more lightweight stroller option might consider the EZ Umbrella stroller or the Peg Perego Pikko Four, Switch, Si and Switch Four models. The Inglesina Avio is another lightweight stroller option that is suitable for most tall people.

Graco Duo Tandem Stroller Instructions


Undo the plastic storage latch on the side of the folded stroller.

Stand the folded stroller up on its wheels.

Grasp the handle and pull up and back while pushing the front of the stroller out to unfold it.


Move both seats into an upright position.

Lock the stroller wheels by pressing the red foot pedal near the back wheels.

Retract the back canopy all the way, and push the front canopy forward so that it rests on the front child's tray.

Slide the red button on the stroller's handle with your thumb while twisting the whole handle portion away from you.

Push the back end of the stroller up and forward until the stroller collapses.

Attach Car Seat

Recline the seat fully.

Unfasten the stroller harness and hang the buckles outside the stroller's seat.

Place the infant car seat into the stroller seat in a rear-facing position. The cut-out portion on the bottom of the car seat should rest on the child's tray. Push down until you hear a snap, indicating it is locked into place.

Move the buckles to the end of the stroller's seat belt then bring the belts up and slide the under the belt hooks on either side of the car seat so that the buckles are on the inside of the car seat. Tighten the buckles so that they hold the car seat securely.

Recline Front Seat

Lift up on the wire handle located on the back of the seat.

Pull the seat back to the desired position.

Release the wire handle to lock the seat into place.

Recline Rear Seat

Pull to release the plastic tabs located on either side of the back of the rear seat.

Pull the seat back to a reclined position.

Push the seat back up to raise it again.

Use Rear Seat As a Carriage

Recline the back seat all the way.

Pull the footrest portion of the seat fabric up and snap it to the inside of the stroller frame.

Thread the side hook and loop straps through the plastic slots on each side of the stroller and fasten them.

Wrap the two bottom hook and loop straps around two stroller tubes before fastening them.


If you remove the front canopy and the front child's tray before folding the stroller, it will be much more compact.


The Graco DuoGlider is designed for use only with Graco SnugRide and Graco SafeSeat. Infant car seats made by other manufacturers may not attach properly and could be in danger of falling.

You must always use the closure flap when a baby is in the rear seat while it is fully reclined. Also make sure to remove any head supports when using this seat as a carriage.

How to Keep a Toddler Entertained While You're Jogging

Attaching Toys

Select several engaging and entertaining toys that you can attach to the stroller using plastic links, suggest the authors of “What to Expect the Toddler Years.” Attach these toys to the side frame of the stroller so your child can hold the toys in his hands easily to play, yet if he drops the toys they will not hit the ground. Many toddlers enjoy musical and noise making toys, so you may wish to provide these toys for playing while you jog.

Rotating Entertainment

Rotate the toys you provide for your toddler frequently to keep the toys engaging and fresh for her. By selecting three different toys each day you run and rotating them over a week-long period, your child will only play with the same toys once a week. This should reduce boredom and help keep your child happier while you jog.

Running Interaction

Talk with your toddler while you jog to keep her engaged and happy, advise the authors of “What to Expect the Toddler Years.” Call her attention to points of interest as you pass, such as animals, trucks, people and gardens. Sing songs, rattle off rhymes, count or say the ABCs, ask questions or just talk about what you’re going to do later. Your toddler may forget to whine and complain if you keep her busy singing and rhyming in the stroller.

Consistent Expectations

Remain consistent in your expectations while you’re jogging to help your toddler learn what you want him to do. It may take a little time for a toddler to learn the jogging routine, according to Lisa Druxman and Martica Heaner, authors of “Lean Mommy.” If you interrupt your jogging every time your toddler fusses to soothe him or remove him from the stroller, he will have more difficulty learning how to stay happy and entertained in the stroller. Instead, choose a jogging time when your child is well-rested and happy, to make it more likely that he’ll cooperate and stay entertained while you jog.

How to Close the Graco 3-in-1 Stroller

Lock the stroller's wheels by depressing the brake lever, which is located above the left and right back wheels. Push brake lever into the locked position with your foot. Take your baby out of the stroller and remove any items currently being stored in the basket or parent bar.

Return the seat, if it is not already there, to the upright position by grasping the metal bar at the back of the seat. Pull up on the bar while you move the seat upward. You will hear a click when the seat is locked in position. Release the metal bar once you hear the click.

Grip the handlebar firmly with one hand. With the same hand, press the folding button that rests in the middle of the handlebar. The stroller will begin to collapse. Once the stroller is fully collapsed, apply pressure to the handlebar once more until you hear a click. Your stroller is now completely folded.

The best sit & stand strollers

Different Styles

You will find that there are many combinations available to those looking for a sit and stand stroller. The traditional sit and stand stroller has a normal seat in the front and a platform behind the seat for another child to stand and ride. When the older child does not want to stand, he can also relax and sit down behind the front seat. There is also an option that comes with two seats for both children to sit down. This option allows the back seat to be removed, making room for one child to stand in the back.

Baby Trend Sit-N-Stand Double

The Baby Trend Sit-N-Stand Double has the same features as traditional sit and stand strollers. It gets the name "double" because it has a full second seat with a canopy. The rear seat makes it possible for two children to sit in the stroller at one time. The front seat is built for your infant car seat to be placed directly into it, with a five-point child restraint safety harness. The back seat can be removed for a child to stand up and ride. This model comes with a foot-activated rear brake, covered parent organiser with cup holders and a large storage basket to hold things for parents and children.

Joovy Caboose Ultralight

The Joovy Caboose Ultralight is one of the best sit and stand strollers on the market. The front seat of the stroller is car seat-compatible, making it easy to move children from the car to the stroller. Behind the front seat is a platform for the second child to stand on and ride or sit down. The stroller can carry two children at once, but since they are not side by side it takes up less space when moving around in public. The lightweight frame is sturdy for the children but light enough to fold and carry for parents.

Safety Tips

When looking around for a sit and stand stroller it is good to research brands, manufacturers and the stroller. You will find a wide variety of styles and reviews about each. Check into the building materials, weight limits and ability to manoeuvre the stroller in tight spaces. Look for a stroller that has a solid foot brake and plenty of storage that is built out of your way. Find a stroller that allows you to put your car seat directly into it. Search for a stroller that can be easily folded and put away when getting children into the car.

Chicco Travel System Instructions

Locate the Key Buttons

The Chicco travel system has made it easy to locate the key buttons by colour coding them. Every essential key button to make the travel system work effectively is orange. To loosen the straps on the infant car seat, you press the orange button located between your baby's feet. To tighten the straps you simply pull on the excess strap directly below the orange button that loosens them. If using the base system with the infant car seat, you will have to press the large orange button on the very top of the car seat to lift it out. The same button will need to be pushed to unlatch the car seat from the stroller.

Learn How to Fold the Stroller

The stroller is designed to be functional and compact when folded correctly. There is an orange button on the top of the stroller by the handle. By pressing the button and lifting upward, you will release the stroller from its locked position, and it will fold as you continue to lift up. Once the stroller is folded it automatically locks into place and will not open until the same button is pressed and the lever is lifted. This feature makes it easy to operate and store.

Find the Minor Detail Features

To lock the wheels press down on the lever on the back end of the wheels with your foot until it locks into place. To unlock the wheels place your foot underneath the lever and push up. To lean the baby backward in the stroller, reach with your hand for a lever on the back side of the stroller. By lifting up the back of the stroller it will slowly recline. To return the back of the seat upright, simply push the seat back forward. Lastly, the handles on the top of the stroller can be moved by pressing both buttons simultaneously on either side where the handles meet the body of the stroller.