The Best Potty Chairs for Boys

The toilet can be a scary thing for little kids, with its intimidating size and its ability to flush away objects that are never seen again. Boys who are learning to potty train need more than a comfy seat; they need features that help boys learn to point accurately to protect all future users of the toilet. Potty chairs help accomplish this goal.

Baby Bjorn Potty Chair

Consumer Search reports that the highest-rated potty chair by experts and user reviews is the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair 1. Parents appreciate the simple design without all of the noise and flashy effects. It's comfortable for beginners, with a stable base and high back and armrests for boys during bowel movements. It has a built-in splash guard for practicing boys that also doubles as a handle for the reservoir. However, some parents say that the seat itself is not deep enough to eliminate the splash factor.

Safety 1st Jack Potty

Let's face it: Toddler boys love the sounds and bright colors of flashy toys. Having these features translates into a potty chair that boys might be happier to try out, seeing it as a toy rather than an annoying training tool. This potty chair looks like a slot machine, fully loaded with multiple colored lights and a spinning display. Once your boy uses the potty successfully, the built-in lights flash, buzzers buzz and a congratulatory message is played, giving boys total validation upon their success. If kids aren't successful, the potty encourages them to try again.

Arm & Hammer 3-in-1 by Munchkin

This gem is a potty chair, training seat and step stool rolled into one. It's easy to clean and includes baking soda capsules to help eliminate offensive odors. It's ideal for boys with a deflector shield/splash guard, a point that BabyCenter editors have seen emphasized in parent reviews.


While also equipped with a splash guard to prevent messes and a high back for support, this potty's eco-friendly design is really what has "Parenting" magazine editors raving. It is biodegradable and is comprised of all-natural plant fibers.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Froggy Friend Potty

This potty chair features an attractive frog design that welcomes kids to take a seat. It features a high splash guard for active boys and seat handles. One of the coveted features of a potty chair is the portability of the chair, and this model is lightweight and easy to transport with its back handle. This potty chair is also at the low end of the pricing scale, making it possible to purchase multiple units to store in different bathrooms or to make training consistent at the grandparents' house.

Peter Potty Toddler Urinal

Although not a traditional potty chair, this model may be used to supplement your toddler's learning. This replica of a urinal helps toddler boys learn to shoot and use the bathroom device from their training that they will use in public. It allows kids to push a button and water flows into the urinal and out a plastic drain via a refillable tank.

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