Zillionz ATM Machine Instructions

The Zillionz ATM is a toy for kids that works just like a real ATM. The machine has sounds and a large display screen. An electronic coin recognition feature and bill feeder gives the effect of a real ATM. The machine comes with an ATM credit card and offers a secret PIN option. Enter your secret PIN and activate the automated personal greeting that will tell you the amount of your deposit, withdrawal and account balance.

Install or replace three AA batteries. Expose the batteries by loosening the screw and lifting the battery cover. Insert the three batteries into the battery compartment. Match the polarity (- and +) so the battery will properly connect. Place the cover back over the compartment and tighten the screw.

Set up your account by inserting an ATM card into the card slot. You can use the ATM card included with the machine or any other credit or ATM card. Watch for the red light on the front of the machine and listen for a tone. The display screen will show the default "Welcome Your Name".

Change the ATM so that it shows your actual name when you insert your card. Press "Function" next to the message on the display screen and it will change to read "Enter Your Name". Type up to eight characters for your name, press "Enter" and the machine saves your name.

Create a PIN. The PIN keeps your account information a secret. After you save your name, the display screen will read “Enter Your PIN Number." Enter the default PIN of "1, 2, 3, 4" using the green buttons and press "Enter." Change your PIN by pressing "Enter" two times and the current default PIN will appear on the bottom screen. Enter a four-digit code of your choice and press "Enter." If you forget your PIN, remove the batteries and reset the machine to the default number.

Locate and press "Function" in the middle of the machine, next to the "Deposit Money" button. Deposit coins and bills into the ATM. The machine will identify the coin amount. Insert your bills one at a time and the middle of the display screen reads "Enter Amount". Press the green keypad, enter the amount of the bills, press “Enter” and confirm the amount.

Check your balance by pressing the top left Function “Account Balance" button. View the current account balance displayed on the screen. The balance will display until after 10 seconds of inactivity or until you choose the next function.

Withdraw money from the ATM by pressing the lower Function button and the "Open" button light appears for five seconds. Press the "Open" button, open the vault door and remove the specified amount of money. Enter the withdrawal amount and press "Enter." Turn off the ATM machine by removing the ATM card and it will automatically turn the machine off.

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