Instructions for a Hallmark Recordable Storybook

Being a child, especially a toddler, is a lot like being an adorable broken record -- young children love to see and hear the same thing over and over, as repetition is their way of observing and learning from the world around them. To help ease the adult tedium of reading the same story ad naseum, Hallmark's recordable storybooks -- which come in the form of classic fables, Disney tales, original stories and superhero adventures -- enable you to record your own narration, which your little one can replay with the push of a button 3.

Lay the book on a flat surface, resting about 12 to 18 inches away from you. Open the Hallmark recordable storybook and press the “REC” button 23. This is the leftmost of the two buttons on the bottom bar of the book, nearest the speaker.

Begin reading after the audio prompt plays -- you'll hear a voice asking you to read after the tone. At the tone, clearly read the text on the current page. Press the “STOP” button -- the button on the right -- when you've finished reading the page. Your recording will automatically play back. If you're happy with it, turn the page and repeat the process. If not, press the “REC” button, wait for the prompt, re-record the text and press the “STOP” button once again.

Turn the page and repeat the recording process. When you've finished reading the entire book, unscrew the battery compartment on the book's bottom bar with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Slide the switch located underneath the battery cover to the “LOCKED” position. This saves your recording, preventing anyone from accidentally overwriting your read, even when the buttons are pressed. Now, when you open the book, your voice recording plays automatically, page by page.


Record in a evenly well-lit area. Avoid recording under intense, direct light or bright sunlight. This type of light may interfere with the book's page-turning sensors.

Reset and erase your recording by accessing the battery compartment and sliding the switch the “UNLOCK” position. Then, press and hold “REC” and “STOP” simultaneously for four seconds. When you hear the confirmation tone, the current recording has been erased and you can begin recording a new reading.

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