Tomy Micro-Pet Instructions

The original MicroPets are mini robots made by the Tomy toy company 1. These tiny electronic toys use voice recognition to follow simple commands and will talk, sing or play with you upon instruction. There are 10 MicroPets available in the original collection that play and interact with each other without needing additional programming 1. MicroPets are designed for children ages 6 and up.

If you have a brand-new MicroPet, remove the "Try Me" plastic strip before using the pet. Turn the MicroPet over and locate the plastic strip protruding from the battery cover; pull the strip straight out.

Change the batteries if the power is running low -- the included batteries are used for testing and may not be fully charged. Turn the MicroPet over and use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screw at the top of the battery cover. Slide the battery cover out and remove the old batteries. Insert two LR44 batteries, making sure to match the polarity as instructed. Replace the battery cover and tighten the screw with the screwdriver.

Wake up your MicroPet by pressing the button on its head; it will perform an action to let you know it is awake. Say a phrase to your MicroPet, then wait for its nose or tie to light up. Now say a second phrase and the MicroPet will follow your command. For example, say, "Robo," then wait for the pet's nose to light up, then say, "Run," and the MicroPet will run.

MicroPets display two "moods," "happy" and "bad," depending on the commands it receives 2. If you repeat the same command over and over, your MicroPet will display a "bad" mood. It will then refuse to listen to your commands and will not respond to you. Praise your pet to cheer it up and make it happy. For example, say, "Good job," to your MicroPet.

Press the button on top of the pet's head while it is performing a command to reset the MicroPet.

Hold down the button on the top of your MicroPet's head for three seconds to make it go to sleep; it will sing a goodbye song before shutting down.

Make your MicroPet sing one of three songs by clapping your hands. Clap three times for “It’s a Small World,” four times for “Ten Little Indians” and five times for “Electrical Parade.” Make sure to wait for the pet's nose to light up between each clap. Place multiple MicroPets together and they will sing in unison.

To program your MicroPet, turn the MicroPet off, then press the button on top of its head six times — the pet will light up, then make three small beeping noises. Wait one second and the pet will light up — press the pet's head button now if you want to program the "Go Forward" command. To program the "Turn Right" command, wait for the pet to light up twice, then press the head button. To program the "Turn Left" command, wait for the pet to light up three times, then press the head button. When you hear three beeping sounds, the MicroPet is finished programming and will perform the commands. You can program up to five commands in a row. When in program mode, your pet will not respond to your voice commands or sing songs. To go back to the normal command mode, simply turn the MicroPet off then back on.


Remove the battery cover and tap the MicroPet gently over the palm of your hand if the batteries are difficult to remove. The battery life for LR44 batteries is typically 150 hours with continuous use.

MicroPets understand length and combination of words and sounds, not the words themselves.

MicroPets are very sensitive to sound; talking to your MicroPet in a noisy place will interfere with the MicoPet's ability to follow your commands.

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