Instructions for a Rechargeable Leapster

The Leapster gaming system is an educational LeapFrog product 1. This electronic handheld device is designed for ages 4 to 10 and features child-friendly games aimed at teaching little ones phonics, math, spelling and more. As with other electronic gaming devices, you may find yourself going through a lot of batteries. Fortunately, the LeapFrog also offers the Leapster Recharging System 1. This charger is made for the original Leapster and includes the recharging dock, rechargeable battery pack and an AC adapter. This recharging system is simple to use and should be operated by an adult.

Insert the AC adapter into the port on the back of the recharging dock. Plug the AC cord into an electrical outlet.

Turn the Leapster handheld device over. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver and loosen the screws on the battery compartment door. Remove the battery cover and set it aside.

Insert the rechargeable battery pack, flat side down, into the battery compartment. Place the new silver battery door on the device. Insert the original screws into the door and tighten them with the screwdriver.

Dock the Leapster on the charging station. The green light on the front of the charging station should illuminate, indicating the Leapster is properly charging.

Remove the Leapster from the docking station once the handheld is completely charged. The green light will automatically go out to indicate a full charge.

Connect the AC adapter directly to the port on the Leapster handheld to power the unit for immediate play. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet. The handheld device will work while plugged into the socket, but it will not recharge the battery pack.


Make sure the three metal charger contacts on the bottom of the battery pack are kept clean and free of debris. Dirty contacts will cause the LED light to blink on the charging station.

Allow the battery pack to cool before recharging on the docking station.

It takes approximately three hours for the Leapster to fully charge, and the handheld will operate for 10 hours when fully charged.

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