How to Make a Talking Stuffed Animal

Retail stores that sell stuffed animals with recorded messages are popular destinations for children. The amount you spend on these pricey plush toys can add up once you figure in the cost of the animal, the inserted device with the prerecorded message, clothing and other extras that children are enticed to purchase. Make your own talking stuffed animal by recording phrases onto a message device, available at craft and scrapbook stores, and inserting it into the animal. You can do this in less than an hour with minimal sewing skills.

Insert the seam ripper's hook under a thread along the back or side seam of the animal. Push the hook until its cutting edge cuts the thread. Continue to cut the threads until you have a 3-inch-long hole in the seam.

Stick your fingers through the hole and remove the animal's stuffing until you have a clump about the size of a golf ball. Set the stuffing aside.

Record a message on the device. The message should be whatever you wish the stuffed animal to "say" -- for example, “Happy birthday, Timmy. Grandma loves you!” or “What’s your name? My name’s Teddy!” Most of these recording devices are about two inches in diameter or square. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to record the message. Typically, you hold down a button(s) while recording and then remove a plastic tag or piece from the device to make the message permanent.

Put the recording device inside the animal through the hole you made. Place the part of the device that starts the message close to the animal's fabric so the child can easily press the trigger to hear the message.

Replace the stuffing inside the animal to hold the recording device in place.

Sew the seam closed with coordinating thread. If you have trouble holding the seam together while sewing, use straight pins to secure the faux fur or fabric. Remove the straight pins as you sew the seam closed. Double-check the seam to make sure you have removed all of the pins before you give the stuffed animal to a child.


You can buy devices with prerecorded seasonal songs, nursery rhymes and children's songs at craft stores.

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